The kindness emanating from within


DPchallenge: The Daily Post asked me about the recent kindness that I’d received from a stranger, about the kindness I’ve shown to everyone and myself. In short, a blog post centered on kindness.

The Sunday before the previous, I had gone to an old age home with many of my friends – YUVA members, we all were (Google ‘Yuva Unstoppable’ if you want to know more about us) – and I had just gone to meet the grannies and grandpas and talk to them for a bit.

Yes, it is the Indian custom to sometimes call everyone granny, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brother / sister even if they’re not related by blood, so just read on, not getting confused why I called them ‘grannies’ instead of ‘old women’.

Suddenly, a grandma called me, and I went to sit beside her. She took out an old plastic box of hers that contained a few biscuits. I sat watching as she took out a few out of it and handed them to me.

This was an unexpected kind act that caught me off-guard.

I didn’t want to eat them though, because, there were very few inside, and I wanted her to have them too. Also, the box was very dirty for my liking and I didn’t quite like to eat the biscuits, so I didn’t take them from her.

But she refused to take them back, and I ended up eating them. The thought that she wanted to share even though she had a very little was quite touching. This was the most recent kind act from someone who didn’t even know me well.

The very same day, another granny had given each of us a rose knitted with wool – I must say, she was a good knitter, and I wondered where she got the money from to buy wool. That was another act of kindness that I had received.

The same day, I met another granny who always loved to meet me and always demanded for ‘Akila’ whenever our team visits the place (yes, we frequently visit them). I feel so lucky to have someone who always looks for me. I am lucky in many such aspects.

What kind act have I done recently?

I was sitting in one of the chairs meant for waiting in the railway station. I had just arrived in a train, and I was halfway towards my destination. There was an eight-hour more travel by bus to get home. My mom had gone to brush her teeth, and I was waiting for her, while I was also taking care of our luggage. Just then, I saw an old woman sitting on the floor, who came towards me using her hands, asking for alms. She was differently abled, and it looked like she could not walk. Her saree, if I could call it that, was more like rags. It was made up of a very thin fabric, and it didn’t even cover her fully.

Thinking that she might feel cold because of the cloth that she’d used to barely cover herself, I dug into my bag, took out a towel and draped it around her, thinking she’d appreciate it.

But I was shocked when she smiled and took it off her, folding it neatly and keeping it safe. I could only watch in disbelief at what she had done. It was like giving me a mental slap. Or maybe she wanted to preserve it for winter, a rational part of my mind told me, but I could say I was a tiny bit offended, nevertheless.

It looked like she thanked me for it, but she didn’t use it. I felt bad, because, seeing her that way pained me. But I couldn’t do anything about that; it was her choice now, and I couldn’t ask her why she did that.
That was the kindness-failure story of mine, but I’m glad that I gave it to her, because I hope she uses it someday.

What kindness have I shown myself?

Though I was discouraged by many people when I said that I had a passion to write, I never gave up. I write secretly. Why does every story of mine get reduced to writing at the end? :/ I’m not even writing much anymore.
But I must say – I always show myself kindness by being there for me when no one is. Being alone, sometimes, feels wonderful.

Kindness is itself a very beautiful trait that some people show, spreading warmth everywhere around them. This, in turn, gets reflected by others and continues like a chain.

This reminds me of the ‘chain of kindness’ event that is hosted by Yuva. I myself don’t know what they do in it, as our branch hasn’t come up with a plan yet. I saw it in the Yuva Unstoppable website today. I guess the other Yuva branches will be carrying out that plan. Now that I’ve seen it, I shall alert my friends about it and we’ll probably carry out the ‘chain of kindness’ event in our own style.

After all, kindness is all you need to give, not super fancy stuff, to warm other peoples’ hearts.

When you best friend moves out of town…


It hasn’t even been a year since I met PV, but we became real thick within a very short period. He’s my best friend, and he just got on the train today, off to a state north of ours. He texted me telling me that he’d miss me a lot, which made me all teary eyed yet again.

A huge crowd had gathered to send him off— a bit of our enormous friends’ circle. There were many missing. :/ Even one of our professors was amazed on seeing such a huge gathering in the railway station. He said that it was ‘good’ to see us like that. That’s what makes us special.

PV had won the hearts of so many people. I bet no one would’ve come if it were me moving out of town and not him. Not that it would bother me, anyway.

I went to send him off, to the railway station, but my mind still refuses to accept the fact that he’s left the town. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy for him; he’s got a good gob in a software company, a pay that’s sufficient to get food and clothing and whatnot, but still, our constant get-togethers would be never complete without him. Actually, I even doubt we’ll have a friends’ get-together again, as he was the one who always organized those. Responsible guy, he was.

He just brought some warmth into my life with his sense of humor. I used to laugh at every silly joke that he’d cracked, because something in him seemed to add to the humor — I think his slang does it. He had a knack of teasing people and cracking jokes, making everyone laugh. That was what awakened me from a slumber called ‘a dead life’. I don’t know if I’d be able to get out of that shell if not for him, but yes, he did brighten up my sober life.
And after today, there’s not going to be PV to smile at me, bare teethed, giving me warmth. Nor is there going to be someone I could call for when my laptop gets infected by virus. And I can’t hope from now on that my day will get better because there’s someone’s face I need to edit and show the others and laugh along with everyone.

Well… That one never happened to me… He edited my photos and showed it to people, making fun of me; I had to do the same for him. ‘Revenge’, we called it. 😛 But my editing didn’t get the same effect as his. No one even cared to take a look at my laptop. :/

Whatever! Those people just don’t know how awesome my editing skills can be. 😛 😀 [If I ever had any] 😀
Ah! We people always start with a serious topic and end up laughing like this. Like I was serious when I started typing this piece, but now, I’m kinda smiling. 

The reason? That idiot who left us. PV!

Well… I hope he gets better (he’s a quick learner) at his job, gets plenty of money, saves some, spends some, and donates some to YUVA . Yes, he helps the needy. Starting up a branch of YUVA at my town was his idea. It’s an awesome NGO, especially for youth, to do good to the society. And we’re all members!

As of now, this warm sunshine has gone a bit distant, but I still hope the rays will reach me from afar.