5 o clock’s revenge on me


The thing is, I’ve never written a blogpost for my blog as early as 5.30 in the morning, but now I am… I woke up at 5 (what wonder!) and decided to study(wonder of wonders!) because my CIA as they call it — Continuous Internal Assessment — is at 9.30 and I haven’t prepared one bit.

But here I am, writing a blogpost instead of concentrating on what actually needs to be done.

I came to apologize. I’m not being able to write blogposts every now and then because I don’t have much time now-a-days. I travel for about four hours a day from Kumbakonam to Thanjavur, and it has become hard to find time (or the mood) to write. I found out that I’m getting tired quite easily. I dunno why, but yesterday, I was all burning up. It doesn’t seem to be fever, because all of a sudden, it’s just gone. I wonder if it’ll come back today evening.

This Sunday, I had gone to Trichy to a meeting that “Yuva” had organized(Yuva is an NGO). You see, it takes three hours to get there by bus(though in the morning, we had taken the train and had traveled for only two hours). In the evening, however, since it had become late, a van had been arranged and all was well and good… except myself. I don’t know why, I’d been shivering all day under the AC, and even  when I got out, I felt cold. It seems that that’s when that weird fever thingy started, although I’d never claim that it was fever. It was totally odd… even for a fever. I left early in the morning and came home at around 10 pm.

And I had to get up early the next day with all the tiredness and some more, and get myself to college again. You see, they told me that we had morning classes in alternate days and afternoon classes in-between. Yesterday I had morning class… for which I have to depart at about 6 am. I had been thinking that at least today, I’d be able to get some sleep, but no. I got a mail yesterday from our professor, telling us the time: the test was at 9.30 am.

And so, I have to be prepared to go at about seven. And I have to study before I do that. And I have class in the morning tomorrow, too, so I’d have to get up again at 5 tomorrow. Darn!

“5 o’ clock” surely wants revenge from me. For making a resolution to get up at 5 and not obeying.

On the go…


Right now, I’m travelling… on a bus… homeward bound… from college.

Mom will be anticipating me to reach correctly for dinner, and I’m going to be on time for dinner, as always. And right now, getting an ideal chatting partner would be lovely, though I have already got a very nice person beside me to chat. In fact, even now, she’s chatting  with me.

And now, since I have a little charge in my laptop, and since there was nothing better to do, I thought I’d open my laptop and login to my blog. And what do we have here? The Daily Post asks me: What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

And now, this woman’s stop is going to come, and she’s going to get down. And I will be all alone… or maybe not, because there’s another woman beside her, who also talked to me, and might consider chatting more. You see, it takes almost two freaking hours to reach home from college, and most of the time, I’m all alone. Most of the time, I do not get chatter-women as my seat-mates and most of the time, there’s no charge left in my laptop. But yesterday and today were certainly not ‘most of the time’; I was lucky enough to get lovely chatting women as my seat-mates.

But who would I call my ‘ideal’ seat-mate, you ask, do you not, Daily Post dearest?

That person is non-existent. Let’s call him/her X. Let’s make it ‘him’, because I find guys fascinating. Let’s call him ‘X’.

X likes to wander wherever his legs take him, Now and again, he goes trekking on the mount Dottabetta, and he’s once visited the Himalayas, too! And he has a warm smile that’s inviting just like the woman beside me(because I need at least that much to approach a person for a chat), and he thinks he has room for one more to accompany him in his adventures.bus-157723_640

He wanders off into the forests every now and then. He knows Italian. He makes cool electronic stuff with a few transistors and things. He’s a computer geek and knows Javascript and PHP — which I do not know. He has programmed a desktop software and a web app once. And he shoots like a professional killer. X knows swimming, to rollerskate, to do all things of the crazy sort.

And the most important thing: he likes to teach all these to someone.

“And that’s enough, Mr. X. Please do sit beside me and teach me all the stuff that I can learn from you. And I’d be very, very interested to join you in your adventures, now that I know that there’s room for one more.”

And to this question, my ideal chatter seat-mate would say ‘yes!’ And that is all I need!

Alright! I’m almost home. I need to get off the bus in a few minutes, and it’s 8 pm already. I’d better stop thinking of non-existent thrilling stuff and get back to the reality that awaits.

Off to Thanjavur!



In a few hours, I’ll be off to our main campus. I have classes there, and they start… today. It’s not exactly in Thanjavur, but about 12km away from it. So I’ll have to take two buses: one to Thanjavur and to Vallam from there.

The upside is that that campus is huge… and lovely.

Dhaksh (1295)

The downside? I’ll have to travel alone. It might even take two hours to get there, and I could do with a little company, but alas, no one. *sigh*

I’ll be travelling by bus, of course… I don’t know if I’m moving to a hostel sometime later, but since I have classes for at least four months, I’m getting advices to move there, but I’m not quite sure if I will. A couple of friends are staying there, though they have different classes, so I could go and stay with them… maybe I will.

But their classes do not start today as mine do. They will be arriving in the later this month, so I guess I’d be a day scholar until they arrive… or maybe I will not stay there at all.

Let’s see how my first day there will be… I won’t make many friends, anyway. Let’s hope that at least my class goes well, and that I learn something useful while I roam from Kumbakonam to Thanjavur every day.

Thanjavur, here I come!