Lost in thoughts


In this world

Of people who never care,

Of thoughts

Tangled with twisted principles,

Of really insane percepts

That people tend to have,

Ones that are really simple,

Very comprehensible

To the human brain,

And yet, somehow, extremely complicated,

Because our sentiments,

Like a gargantuan web of unwanted thoughts,

Knit with every other thought

Of utter irrelevance,

Like a cloud of insensible words

That make no meaning,

Envelope us,

Enclosing us in a bubble-like world

Of loneliness,

Making us blind

To the truth that stands brazenly

For us to see;

And we, in  turn,

Hold grudges against all others

Just because

Everyone is lost 

In their own chain of thoughts,

And never wish to disentangle themselves,

From those that might 

Lead them away from morality,

Or keep them in dark;

We never come out

To see the world, to know the people in it;

We never come out 

Of the bubble we’ve built,

To understand a friend, another person,

’cause all we know

Is our own thoughts.

Hiring, hiring!


There might be many companies that come to my college this year. As I can see, everyone’s expecting to get placed soon. So do I.

But I asked myself this question: which organization would make me feel like home? Which one is best for me?

And also, I asked myself this. “Where would I be able to fit in well?” “Where should I be placed to improve my skills further?”

Though I haven’t got that answer yet, I still believe I’ll end up in the right place, because, I know the interviewers will select me only if they think I’m good for their organization.

I also have a desire for not-so-formal clothes, which I’m not allowed to wear in college. So I googled about a few companies and found that some might allow on Fridays (better once a week than never). I just want to relieve myself from the traditional ‘salwar kameez’ for once, at the least.

But I have a great affinity towards converse, which I’m sure I’ll have to spare for the ‘outside work outings’. I’m sure I’d hang out with friends in the weekends, so why not?

And I also hope I write something and publish it someday. I always start something, but I don’t finish it; a new idea pops into my mind even before I finish the current one that I’m working on.

And coming back to… (look at the heading, please)..

Wonderful companies like Mu Sigma, TCS, Accenture, IBM and… (am I missing something?)… and many more companies that I’m not even eligible to participate in (like Paypal, Amazon, Microsoft, etc) are visiting my college again this year!

The thing is… I am still (a teeny weeny bit) confused about which place to choose. I feel like going to a place that I’ve dreamed of going, but I know no one there. There’s another awesome place where I have relatives (and also a couple of childhood friends), which happens to be my birthplace, but I really don’t know if I want to go there.

I’m sure of one thing, though. I don’t want to get settled in the place I live currently. 😛 I just want to move to a metropolitan city, but I’m not sure which one to choose.

These are the confusions and problems that come along with hiring. After all, deciding the place/organization where you’re going to spend the next phase of your life isn’t easy, is it? Even though you get to earn, you can’t say you’ll be happy however it turns out, will you?

And I need a friends circle that will be huge enough to keep me busy everyday with them. I love spending time with friends. I wish I get some like-minded people as my would-be colleagues.

Goodness me! I’m planning so far ahead! I don’t even know if I’m going to get a job or not. (Well… I do have confidence in myself, which is why I’m ranting so much), but there’re always ifs and buts, right?

Okay… I know I’ll go on ranting, making this post even more intolerable for you to read, filling it with other personal expectations and worries. Don’t worry, I’ll stop it here. For now. 😀