Save the laptop? Naah, save the White Tiger!


The Daily Post asked me if I remembered anything from yesterday’s writing prompt, which was focused on fire.

Remember this prompt, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

Unfortunately, WordPress dearest, I did not have the time to write yesterday. Anyway, now that you’ve given me a second chance, I’ll tell you about it all.

What would I save first of all? There’s no thinking to it… my laptop goes first. Always.

My poor little lappy has been suffering from all sorts of attacks since a few days. I got to know that two of my USB ports weren’t working, and took them to the place where I bought my Dell laptop.

“Hello sir, I think two of my USB ports aren’t working…”

“Oh, worry not, dear customer! I know that it is just a software problem. Just pay me 350 rupees, and your laptops USB ports will be as good as new.”

“Software, you say?”

“Ah, yes. And we also check for other stuff in your system.”


“Do visit us in the evening to collect your laptop.”


That evening, they had told me that they had made everything right, and I was more than happy to hear the positive news. Now nothing could go wrong… except everything.

The moment I came home and checked, I was sure of it. I wanted to call those people right away…  and yell at them, but resisted. The ports were not working, not one of the damaged two. And they had told me everything was alright.

But there was always the third USB port for me, so I didn’t take my laptop to them again, and life went on… until one fine day, my laptop decided to show me something out of the ordinary. My lappy knows that I like seeing new stuff.

It suddenly stopped working and showed me a navy-bluish screen that had some scary looking stuff written on it. It told me that my hard disk space was full, and I had no memory space left in my lappy. And that was enough to make me fumble with all the keys to make my computer do something. But alas, it did not change its screen one bit.

And finally I came up with something. I pressed the power button like a ninja till it had no other option but to shut down. And it finally did shut down. But d’you know what happened when I restarted it?

It did not utter a single thing.

And I checked the space in the C drive, where all my programs had huddled together. And I was shocked.

It said that there was 30GB free space.

Now I was speechless. Had I been dreaming all along?

But however, everything was okay and all I had to do was to continue doing my stuff… and I didn’t bother much with it because I felt that the Bluestacks thing I had uninstalled could’ve made a bit of space in my system. But I was still suspicious… even though uninstalling the useless app (which doesn’t anyway work in my laptop for reasons that only my lappy would know) would amount for a considerable freeing of memory, it could make space for only about a few GB. It’s 30 free-memory-king GB I’m dealing with here.

But I decided to carry on nevertheless…. until I noticed that the memory space in my C drive was fast filling up. Again. And I didn’t bother to take it seriously until I got the same blue screen error the second time. And this time, after seeing 30 GB of free memory, I decided enough was enough, and took the patient to his doc.

And my lappy’s doc told me that it was all because of a virus. He told me that using a free version antivirus is not very beneficial… although I have to highly disagree on this. Avast was such a smartie! It detected and blocked many threats for me until I had used it… which had been only about a month.

As he recommended K7 antivirus for about 450 rupees and another 350 for service, and because I thought he might know his stuff, I handed him the 800 easily.

And yesterday… I noticed something interesting. Something the laptop guy couldn’t have guessed.

I realized the space in my C drive was slowly filling up… again. So… isn’t it better for you to burn, lappy dearest? I might as well get myself a new one.

My laptop wrinkles its cyber-whiskers in extreme fear.

“Burn, baby burn!” Into ashes. So that I can get rid of them in a river. (But the fact is… I wouldn’t be able to do this for real. I’m way too deep in love with it to do this to it)

But oh look! The house’s burning down! Let’s get some stuff out,eh?

I’d better get a few nice stuff from my closet… or maybe not, because I can’t think of anything “nice” existing in there. Anyway, I’m out, mum’s out, dad’s out. What else do I need?

White Tiger

Maybe my little pet white tiger Kipper… poor thing, how could I have forgotten about him? He was my best friend in my childhood days… er.. still is! Who wouldn’t want to save their sweet little white tiger from the fire?

It might sadden you to know this, but Kipper is actually a stuffed toy. I didn’t want to erase the great picture off your mind, but I’m not Miss Brave anyway.

So Kipper, here I come!

My Oasis?


The Daily Post had been asking the bloggers: A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

And here I had been thinking that the daily writing prompts were extinct, as their posts no more appear in my reader. I had visited my blog after long, and not finding the prompt for the day, came to such a conclusion. But thanks to Mrs. Angloswiss, I got to know that the prompts were still coming, but wordpress was just being sneaky about it. I’m told that these are older prompts, but I don’t think this is going to bother me much, as I haven’t blogged much in the past year (neither am I sure of this year)… Alright, now that my daily prompts are back, I might as well get myself into action and write my post.

Whenever I find myself in distress, I walk to the nearest temple, the Chakrapaani swamy temple nearby. It’s a very old temple and is always inviting. I find myself being at peace because of the devotional songs played there, and there is something there which cannot be found in other temples. I circle the place around six to twelve times, and calm my mind. I prefer walking alone and have some thinking time for myself, so this place is the best for me.

There was actually another place that felt very much like my own, private place — it was in the house that I lived in previously. There, the terrace was tiny, but it felt more than just that… I used to go there and do ‘skipping the rope’ most of the time… that place somehow made me feel connected to it, but it’s no more. The house was terrible, what with rats and mongooses and rain pouring right in the middle of the house and the water level blocking our way simply because the house was built in an old-fashioned manner (in the older days, I’m sure) and we had to look for a new house as soon as we moved in. We were the last tenants there, and after we had moved, the owner had sold it, and a dental clinic has taken its place now.

The terrace I loved so much is gone. The place where I can stand and look at the whole (really long) street, and where no one would be able to spot me… it’s gone.

After I moved to this house, however, this temple became the place. And I can now tell one thing with glee that this place will never be destroyed like my previously demolished ‘oasis’. This one will remain there, rooted in place, for centuries to come.

A prayer to the Heavens for fixing my horrible net!


The Daily Post asked me to write anything for a full ten minutes with no pausing, editing or anything else in between.

I must first admit that I started writing for this post, then didn’t quite know what to write about, deleted the content and closed my word document. But now again, I feel like I have to write something. I always like contributing to the Daily Writing Prompts.

My internet connection is very slow and frustrating, so I shall write about my distaste for it in today’s blog post. I usually love to read people’s blog posts. I like to comment on their posts, but I never do. I try. I have typed many paragraph-sized comments and have simply stopped trying to coax my computer to post it, because it is just stubborn and adamant in its own way.

Even today, I typed my comments on a couple of blog posts from my reader, but none of them could be posted, it seems. Clicking the post button more than ten times is the best I can do. After about fifteen times of trying I give up. I usually never do, but I am becoming that way because it’s just frustrating.

Even to post something onto my blog, I will have to wait for a long time, begging the Heavens (not really) to just “post this thing onto my blog”. But it takes some time for my prayers to reach the heavens, and so even the replies come a bit late from the heavens.

But the sad part is that sometime, the reply might be “then just give up.”

That is… it becomes impossible to post something that I finally shut down my laptop and walk away.

Now I have to start praying again. I have another article to post, thanks to the Daily Post, have I not? Sigh.

P.S: I have cheated a bit.

My fantasy vending machines: to console a lone heart


In response to the writing prompt from The Daily Post.

A picture of an empty vending machine taken from the net.


1. A vending machine that gives out tiny chits to comfort people.

A vending machine that can give handwritten notes saying ‘it’s okay’ – that’s what people with a broken heart need. When friends or their loved ones isolate them, or when they just get tired of waiting for someone who isn’t gonna come, they could just go to the nearest vending machine, and get a note that comforts them.

The vending machine should be a two way one, to drop comforting letters into them and a another for picking up one of those chits with the press of a button. It should be free of cost, as mere chits of paper from kind people shouldn’t be charged.

Just to know that there’s someone in this world who cares for them.

Yet another picture of vending machines lined up, taken from the net.


2. A vending machine that gives out unpublished novels or stories.

You punch on the big grey button, and you get one. Simple.

A great companion to acquire whenever you feel alone or dejected.

Another two-way machine, which lets you put your notebook inside and let any lone person read what you’ve gone through, which makes the other person feel good about their life, or put in a comforting story for a lonely heart.

These two kinds of vending machines, I think, will be a great hit if they’re brought into reality.


This one is a vending machine that sells cycle parts. Ha! How cool is that? 😀

Again, taken from the net.