Typical Indian Summers – NaPoWriMo ’15


I have decided to participate in NaPoWriMo… better late than never, right? So here’s my contribution for today. I have a simple limerick to start it off with, although I did write a poem and post it on this blog for NaPoWriMo yesterday too..

Summer came, and brought melons and sweat along;

Birds that passed by sang melancholy songs,

For it is another day

To not have one’s way,

What with the stench so complacent and strong.

The advent of Summer


I came up with this poem, reminiscing of today afternoon — another limerick, actually.

Like the steam from a cup of incredibly hot coffee,

Arose the vapor from the ground beneath me;

Its ruthless suffocation spread around,

Even as rain drummed onto the ground,

As I cycled Kumbakonam’s streets in a senseless spree.

And don’t you think the ‘steam’ part cannot be true. Today, I saw it with my own eyes… steam rising from the ground… evaporation while condensation. I was totally soaked wet in the rain, yet I felt so suffocated! And that felt a little weird… and a lot stuffy. Really, I didn’t enjoy today’s rain because of the stuffiness. Gah.

Sweat, plus a few smells that almost cannot be smelt in the horrible sun



Summers in the southern parts of India aren’t really enjoyable, you see. As it is quite close to the equator, there’s nothing but the smell of the intense, sunny air (if it had any) and the stench of sweat everywhere on me.

It occasionally brings down rain, but right now, the tranquil night has settled, giving me a feeling of congestion in my room. Even my hairs that brush against my neck irritate me, and there’re always two fans running. Since fans do not have a ‘smell’, I can shift to a topic that really does talk about smells.

The smells are just as usual, the hot breeze in the air bringing the usual polluted air. I live in the countryside, so it’s not as polluted as the cities that I need to cover my nose, but still…

Whenever I go cycling, I get the smell of fresh air. The smell of coffee is something that my town is proud of, and there’s a special kind of coffee named after my town. And what else? Nothing much, but I’d probably smell the stench that’s in the place of the evaporated river Kaveri , which once used to exist.

But the best smell in the summer is that of mineral water – if it ever has one. I crave for it and thank god for every drop that has been offered to me. That mineral water we drink at my home, I must say, is something that can be relished so much only at a time like this.

Nothing more to smell; my nostrils are already flaring in the heat.

Again, writing in response to the writing prompt from The Daily Post.