Rain, come again


Rain, oh rain,
Come again
And again –
And tomorrow
And every other day;
Wipe my soul clean,
Drown away my sorrows,
Take me to the clouds,
Run your magic
Down dirty lanes
Of fear and regret;
Present to the world
The flavour
Of a clean swipe,
Of new beginnings,
Of colourful rainbows
And happier days
Like those from a fairytale;
Come, dear rain,
Please wash away
All the worries
That I’ve hidden
Deep within;
Wash away the tears
As they fall,
When I walk on the streets
Thinking of those two people
Who mean the world to me;
Oh rain, please set me free.



​My scarred feet

Run on the dew-filled grass,

Feeling the smoothness,

The comfort, the smell of wet soil

Healing my feet

The droplets that fall

Touch my hair,

Bringing flowers along

From the trees above

And their fragrance

And the clouds huddle together

Promising more

Of this monsoon-ish weather

As young boys kick at footballs

In the murky streets

Corn is served, fresh and hot

And so is coffee in the café;

Although many have cozy beds to cuddle in at home,

They ride around in raincoats

As hurriedly as they can.

And women of the house rush

To rescue the clothes that hang

In their balconies;

But it is too late, dear ladies,

The clothes are long drenched by now.

I run along the patch of land

That’s green, that’s drenched,

Every building sparkling before me

As though newly polished

Before dusk.

Painting serene monochrome pictures

On the streets that we everyday see,

Adding a dull colour to the sky we fear

The rain, an artist in itself,

Makes green plants emerge from holes and cracks.

— I hate this, but I wrote it and didn’t know what to do with it, so I’m posting it. I just tried writing something happy and ended up writing something boring–

The advent of Summer


I came up with this poem, reminiscing of today afternoon — another limerick, actually.

Like the steam from a cup of incredibly hot coffee,

Arose the vapor from the ground beneath me;

Its ruthless suffocation spread around,

Even as rain drummed onto the ground,

As I cycled Kumbakonam’s streets in a senseless spree.

And don’t you think the ‘steam’ part cannot be true. Today, I saw it with my own eyes… steam rising from the ground… evaporation while condensation. I was totally soaked wet in the rain, yet I felt so suffocated! And that felt a little weird… and a lot stuffy. Really, I didn’t enjoy today’s rain because of the stuffiness. Gah.