The writer in me


Main goal in life: To publish a book.

I know that I’m no good in English, and my low vocabulary tells me there’s no way it’ll be possible soon, but still, my heart holds hope. I could learn. I could improve. I could write more.

I am waiting for that day when my fingers brush through the rough pages of a novel, having my name in bold letters on the cover, and quite a few good comments from many other authors. I would just like to feel it. The way I feel when my goal of life is achieved. I don’t think a novel with barely ten copies sold would be something that I have in mind. My definition of ‘achievement of life goal’ would be if the book has been a hit and becomes a best-seller novel.

And of course, it would not be the ending, now that I would’ve published a book. It would be the beginning of an entirely new career, one path that is traveled less, as I have seen more IT people and those who sit in their cabins and simply do the coding in their computers.

Not to offend anyone, as I myself am a lover of coding languages like C and C++ (I will talk about coding in another post), but I wanted writing to become my future career. Of course, I will also work as an employee, as I will be holding an engineering degree while I write. I’m not going to depend on my writing for my expenses. It might/might not get recognized and might/might not become the best-seller.

I guess this is exactly the amount of confidence needed in oneself. Not too much, not too less, either. I do have inferior complexion and I once did say that I hated my (only completed) novel, but right now, as I am writing this post, I feel a bit encouraged from some unknown force around me. 😀

And one more thing that I’d like to add, because I’m proud of that feeling: I believe there’s no such thing called ‘writer’s block’. A person always needs some inspiration if he has to write something, and if he doesn’t feel like it, then he should just say ‘I don’t feel like writing today’ and not ‘I have writer’s block’. ‘Writer’s block’ seems like a term that further dries the person of motivation, and hence, I consider it a negative word. I don’t even know if I have writer’s block or not right now, because I don’t want to complete any of the novels that I’ve been writing, but my fingers are eagerly typing off this post.