Thank you, 2016!


​Another year has passed

And has blessed us 

With experiences of every kind –

Tough cyclone winds,

The chase for the things we love,

Ceiling fans that slice hands,

New guitars and amazing gifts,

Flying over to places already seen,

New songs that have driven home 

Special meanings,

The lonely melancholies,

All the little sacrifices 

And honest promises

That mean so much,

All the trust gained or lost,

All the lessons learnt,

Friends and family who’ve stayed

Through thick and thin;

Countless happy memories

Of beach sands and salty waves;

Everyday ridicules and midnight fun,

Loud, contagious laughter,

An unshakable confidence

On people who always stay;

A path of obstacles,

And yet, the strength to face

Every single one of them

With such complacence,

And with the faith

That a brand new year

Is here

To bring another set of experiences;

And I shall cherish each one – 

Both good and bad

With all my heart.



​This interval is what bothers me.

The minutes that follow,

The silence that settles,

The confusion, the chaos..

Every mistake, 

Resounding like an echo;

And as the end of every week

Or month

Draws near,

And expectations arise,

And memories conjured

Of happy moments

Seeming like things of the past,

Like pieces of a mirror

Reflecting a broken self;

And coming back

To this interval

That follows.

Like a trench in the ocean

Seeming long forgotten

But always looked out for,

As time flies by,

This interval grows;

On the other side of this interval,

Is hope, 

Of a renewed friendship,

Of bonds of eternal care;

And I shall wait,


In awkwardness and guilt,

For what I’ve done,

Trapped in this interval

Of nothingness

That will extend 

Until what seems

Like the end of time.

Forget me.


​Neither my rudeness

Nor my neutrality towards you

Matters at this point;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither my apathy

Nor my unresponsiveness

Really needs to be recollected;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither my cold stares

Nor my wicked sneers

Are important this minute;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither the pain I’d endured

Nor my longing for olden times

Will you ever fathom;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither my agony

Nor my silent cries

Will you ever hear;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither your mind

Nor your heart

Will henceforth reach out to me;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither the love I had hidden within

Nor the closeness I thought existed

Is required anymore;

Because finally

You are now free.. 

Like a feather,

From the grip that I had held so loosely.

And here,

As I fall deeper and deeper,

Into the bottomless abyss

Of ice so cold,

And untold tales of woe,

You gradually forget me.



​Reach out to me
And I shall fill you
With delight.

Your every breath
That is worthwhile
Is me.

As you spend 
More time with me,
I become yours.

And never will I
be separated
from you.

You and I,
We can conquer this world
With all we’ve got.

Take me in, with all your desire
With expectations high
Of pleasure.

I rush inside you,
Giving you warmth,
And much more.

With one kiss,
You and I,
Have become one.

And the world
Is far, far away
Until I’m here with you.

When you need 
A consoling soul,
I will be there for you.

Every moment, every day,
I will make you come to me,
To beg, to strive.

And I’ll fill your soul,
Your heart,
And your empty day.

And you shall kneel,
And pray, and toil,
To get all that you want.

And even when you toss
Me away,
I will rule you.

And you will keep
Coming back for me,
Without regret.

And you will be
Only with me,
Until the end.

And your last breath,
Shall be 
All mine.

Even when you’re gone,
I’ll still be there,
For you.

But now,
Let me fill your lungs,
’cause I love you.



Insides clenching,

Things running amok,

Patience diminishing,

Will power receding,

Skies reeling,

Eyes barely open,

Consciousness teetering,

Anger intensifying,

Desperation heightening,

Tears brimming,

When nothing else mattered,

Shivering out of weakness,

Amidst the torment of hunger,

The only piece of bread left,

She fed her little son.

Run away from me


​As bright as lightning

You now get to see.. 

The truth bared out 

From underneath.

For, I’m an unwanted scar

On the jabberwocky’s flawless skin;

I’m the scorching heat

That the fire emanates from within.

I’m only a tiny black patch;

Sucking up all of the light left.

I now rule; the sun is now conquerable;

Mountains are uprooted and blown adrift.

I’m the chunk of cigarette you just smoked;

Waiting to see your last chronic cough.

I’m the abandoned venomous needle in the dunes of Sahara.

Waiting to prick you dead and make off.

I’m the edge of a sword;

I crave blood.

I’m buried in the pit of hell;

To swallow you up into a world of dread.

I’m like a white snow flake;

Beautiful, yet bringing the deadly chill of the Arctic.

I now rule; the sun is now conquerable;

Mountains are uprooted and blown adrift.

As clear as crystal,

Did I reveal myself to you.

All you need to do now is run far away,

Or until the end, remain true.

And now, sunlight is all you will see.

And the world is finally left to be.

Friends stay, don’t they?


​Friends stay.

Even when you don’t know what you’re doing,

And you cut your hand in a ceiling fan,

And when you get admitted in a hospital,

Even if it takes a lot of time,

Even when you have no patience,

Even if they have to stay up all night,

Even when you complain about the green costume,

And when you undergo surgery,

And you can’t eat by yourself,

Even when you put them through hard times,

And you bother them all the time,

When you need them by your side all day,

Friends stay.


Okay, I cut the back of my palm as I accidentally put my hand in the ceiling fan a few days ago. And my roommates took such great care of me the last two days that they deserve much, much more than this, but all I can give them in return is this poem. 

P.S: I hated the green outfit they gave me… so much.

My inner demons


Warning: the poem is dark.

I ran in the darkness, not knowing where I was going
My feet were bleeding; it was the work of thorns and sharp stones
I still ran, because I felt I should
Else, something was going to eat me alive.

I ran amidst trees that waved their huge branches about like crazy
In an attempt to catch me
I ran as the wind beat against my face, slapping my cheeks
As though punishing for all my crimes.

I ran, as the moon refused to come to my rescue
Without even an ounce of moonlight.
I ran, as the cries from behind became louder
And were now closing in on me.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me
Never giving up;
I ran… without knowing.. that ahead of me
Were the ugliest of spirits waiting to suck my soul out

I came to a halt as I saw what was ahead of me:
Hungry spirits and pointy teeth.
They were coming for me;
My head reeled.

But before I fell,
I felt a hundred shiny black hands catch me from behind
The very ones I had been running from.
They had finally gotten me.

I could see the black, pointy nails of a hand closing in on my throat
I felt my brain give away;
And just like that,
I was falling into oblivion.

As I was falling into the bottomless hole from which I could never return,
I knew..
That although I had countless people I held dear,
There wasn’t one name I could call out to.

The truth is,
There will never be a person you can trust
Unless it’s your own self.
As I realize this, the shiny black hands leave me alone and disappear.



Hey folks! 🙂 Happy independence day to all the Indians out there. I’ve written a poem in memory of all the people who were responsible for our freedom.

It must have hurt

Enduring the cane strikes

It must have hurt

With every droplet of blood oozing out

It must have hurt

To starve and starve, and still shout slogans

It must have hurt

To have constantly thought of freedom

It must have hurt

To stay imprisoned behind those cruel bars

It must have hurt

To see fellow Indians suffer the same

It must have hurt

To stand firm and fight, while still weak

It must have hurt

To sacrifice one’s life for India’s freedom

But they did it anyway.

A big salute to all of them. Jai Hind!



Hello again, folks! It’s Friday night, and I stayed up late, facebooked, and then… wrote a poem! Here it is!

Underneath the merciless rashes,

Underneath the auburn scars,

Underneath the pointy freckles,

Underneath the mask of pain,

Is a golden heart you may fail to see.

Underneath the immature facade,

Underneath the irresponsible behavior,

Underneath the freakishly bold laughter,

Underneath the adamant resolutions,

Is an innocent child you may fail to see.

Underneath the red-hot anger,

Underneath the trembling fingers,

Underneath the sorrow, the grief,

Underneath the eyes brimming with tears,

Is love you may never quite see.