​A cozy place to live –

A small house

With a garden

Of beautiful plants;

A bird-bath in the midst,

And a bowl to hold grains –

Snacks for birds on-the-go.

A lovely basin filled with fresh water

And another on the other side with food

Outside the main gates

For cows, stray dogs and cats

To eat and drink in peace;

Walls of the house

Painted personally

By the hand,

Pictures drawn here and there,

Reflecting old memories;

Photos hanging everywhere,

Each portraying

Moments from the past –

Memories lined with love,

A reminder of how

Life was once a celebration.

A faithful dog 

That can silently listen

To all complaints

And rejoice

In every joy brought home;

Lined up on the walls –

Guitars of every size and hue;

A dedicated shelf in the corner

That makes a tiny library;

A christmas tree grown inside

Decorated in a splendid manner

On every year’s December;

A thick-wheeled bicycle

Parked outside

To ride on every morning;

A warm bed and a quilt to spread on,

Is the kind of future 

That is often dreamed about.

— I’ll try to make my home like this in the future —

Your angle


​It’s not anyone’s fault

That things are

The way they are;

After all,

Everyone we meet

In this world

Is human;

Everyone has a life,

Everyone cannot comprehend 

Every single feeling 

With utmost precision

The same way you have.

Even if it is a professional,

They’re still human;

They, too, can get angry

They, too, can get mad,

Because in the end,

No one is an angel

Dropping right from heaven

And there is no one

In this world

Who can ever see

What you see;

There’s no one in this world 

Who will not snap

On hearing an honest confession 

From you

If it’s unfavorable to them;

Everyone has an angle

Of seeing things,

And yours is in no way

Nearer to theirs.



Dedicated to Ms.K, who’s never talked much.

You know you’re independent 

When you can handle 

Everything by yourself –

You know you’re an adult

When you can handle 

Immense pressure –

Even pain,

And have not shattered to pieces;

When you have not told a soul,

And have no one suspecting

That you’re broken,

You need someone to talk to;

You have drained all your tears,

But still know 

You’re okay.

There’s no one to sit by your side,

There’s no one to listen

To your everyday complaints,

There’s no one to ask

If you’re okay,

Because no one knows.

You’ve handled things well, all alone.

A life to live


Another poem dedicated to Mr.K : my neighbour whose feelings I could somehow fathom.
No one gets the life they’d desired

No one lives the life they had always loved

No one ends up happiest among the lot

No one gets away with a single thought

And no, no one can replay a portion

Of their life

Again and again

Just to stay happy

And get away from all the pain

The sorrow

The regrets

Every unfulfilled wish that remains 

All the buried up feelings,

The desperation,

Every little tear that has not been shed

The loneliness

The fears

And every unspoken truth hidden within

Will follow you to your grave.



​People ran hither and thither,

scurrying off towards their homes

like timid little squirrels


from the rest of the world

into their little homes

watching television

as news channels buzzed on.


buses were being set ablaze,

wooden logs thrown over vehicles;

The homeless man sat watching

as everyone ran for their lives,

but knew not where to go.

I don’t care.


​What do I care

If you get hit by a bus

What do I care

If you don’t feel well

What do I care?

Go freeze to death

On your way to hell

For you can’t even tell

When I don’t care even an inch

Because I know

With your stubborn will

You are not one to heed warnings

Because people like me

Are just 

Not worth listening to.

Step into the scorching fire,

Or plunge into a lone well..

I will never care.

Nor will I ever write poems

To channel my fury,

To control my anger,

Because you

Will never be the person

Whom I cared for the most of all.

Because you

Are not my best friend.

Because you

Can do whatever you want.

I don’t care.

At all.


Be careful.

Do take care.

And I didn’t say I cared.

No, not even a bit.



​This interval is what bothers me.

The minutes that follow,

The silence that settles,

The confusion, the chaos..

Every mistake, 

Resounding like an echo;

And as the end of every week

Or month

Draws near,

And expectations arise,

And memories conjured

Of happy moments

Seeming like things of the past,

Like pieces of a mirror

Reflecting a broken self;

And coming back

To this interval

That follows.

Like a trench in the ocean

Seeming long forgotten

But always looked out for,

As time flies by,

This interval grows;

On the other side of this interval,

Is hope, 

Of a renewed friendship,

Of bonds of eternal care;

And I shall wait,


In awkwardness and guilt,

For what I’ve done,

Trapped in this interval

Of nothingness

That will extend 

Until what seems

Like the end of time.

Forget me.


​Neither my rudeness

Nor my neutrality towards you

Matters at this point;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither my apathy

Nor my unresponsiveness

Really needs to be recollected;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither my cold stares

Nor my wicked sneers

Are important this minute;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither the pain I’d endured

Nor my longing for olden times

Will you ever fathom;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither my agony

Nor my silent cries

Will you ever hear;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither your mind

Nor your heart

Will henceforth reach out to me;

Because finally

You are now free..

And here I fall

Into the abyss

Of ice

And woe.

Neither the love I had hidden within

Nor the closeness I thought existed

Is required anymore;

Because finally

You are now free.. 

Like a feather,

From the grip that I had held so loosely.

And here,

As I fall deeper and deeper,

Into the bottomless abyss

Of ice so cold,

And untold tales of woe,

You gradually forget me.



​Reach out to me
And I shall fill you
With delight.

Your every breath
That is worthwhile
Is me.

As you spend 
More time with me,
I become yours.

And never will I
be separated
from you.

You and I,
We can conquer this world
With all we’ve got.

Take me in, with all your desire
With expectations high
Of pleasure.

I rush inside you,
Giving you warmth,
And much more.

With one kiss,
You and I,
Have become one.

And the world
Is far, far away
Until I’m here with you.

When you need 
A consoling soul,
I will be there for you.

Every moment, every day,
I will make you come to me,
To beg, to strive.

And I’ll fill your soul,
Your heart,
And your empty day.

And you shall kneel,
And pray, and toil,
To get all that you want.

And even when you toss
Me away,
I will rule you.

And you will keep
Coming back for me,
Without regret.

And you will be
Only with me,
Until the end.

And your last breath,
Shall be 
All mine.

Even when you’re gone,
I’ll still be there,
For you.

But now,
Let me fill your lungs,
’cause I love you.



Insides clenching,

Things running amok,

Patience diminishing,

Will power receding,

Skies reeling,

Eyes barely open,

Consciousness teetering,

Anger intensifying,

Desperation heightening,

Tears brimming,

When nothing else mattered,

Shivering out of weakness,

Amidst the torment of hunger,

The only piece of bread left,

She fed her little son.