My Oasis?


The Daily Post had been asking the bloggers: A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

And here I had been thinking that the daily writing prompts were extinct, as their posts no more appear in my reader. I had visited my blog after long, and not finding the prompt for the day, came to such a conclusion. But thanks to Mrs. Angloswiss, I got to know that the prompts were still coming, but wordpress was just being sneaky about it. I’m told that these are older prompts, but I don’t think this is going to bother me much, as I haven’t blogged much in the past year (neither am I sure of this year)… Alright, now that my daily prompts are back, I might as well get myself into action and write my post.

Whenever I find myself in distress, I walk to the nearest temple, the Chakrapaani swamy temple nearby. It’s a very old temple and is always inviting. I find myself being at peace because of the devotional songs played there, and there is something there which cannot be found in other temples. I circle the place around six to twelve times, and calm my mind. I prefer walking alone and have some thinking time for myself, so this place is the best for me.

There was actually another place that felt very much like my own, private place — it was in the house that I lived in previously. There, the terrace was tiny, but it felt more than just that… I used to go there and do ‘skipping the rope’ most of the time… that place somehow made me feel connected to it, but it’s no more. The house was terrible, what with rats and mongooses and rain pouring right in the middle of the house and the water level blocking our way simply because the house was built in an old-fashioned manner (in the older days, I’m sure) and we had to look for a new house as soon as we moved in. We were the last tenants there, and after we had moved, the owner had sold it, and a dental clinic has taken its place now.

The terrace I loved so much is gone. The place where I can stand and look at the whole (really long) street, and where no one would be able to spot me… it’s gone.

After I moved to this house, however, this temple became the place. And I can now tell one thing with glee that this place will never be destroyed like my previously demolished ‘oasis’. This one will remain there, rooted in place, for centuries to come.


An affinity towards the ‘Vishnu Sahasranaama’


I have recently realized that listening to the Vishnu Sahasranaama always gives me positive vibes. MS never fails to mesmerize me with her voice!

It gives me the peace that nothing else in the world does. A temple beside my home plays it every single day and I loved to spend my time there.

I hadn’t realized until now that this was the major reason for me to like that temple so much. The chants soothe my worn out soul and calm my nerves.

No wonder I always found peace at that temple. And right now, I realized there wouldn’t be another town like the one where I currently reside, warm and comfortable, peace embracing me with generosity whenever I ran to it.

Though I don’t know the meaning that lies behind every shloka, I feel rejuvenated whenever I get to listen to it, even if it’s just for a few seconds when I pass through a loudspeaker on the road.

The loudspeakers are never very loud, though, like the others that usually make us scrunch up our faces and cover our ears. It is gentle even if played in the loudspeaker; as it always has been. MS does a good job of calming every soul even if she’s no more.

When life offered me hardships, I always ran to the temple, walked around, concentrating hard on this instead of what was troubling me right then. And whenever I reach home, I come as a totally new person.

It’s playing on my phone right now, as I suddenly felt the urge to listen to it after I heard a bit on the streets.

Let me get carried away…