​You are the stem 

Holding me,

Providing me support,

Giving me energy

To face

The tumultuous waves

Of life.

All these days,

You have protected me,

Never showing what pain is like,

Or sorrows,

Showered love on me,

And all you have expected

Is for me 

To grow

Into a taller plant

Bearing tastier fruits.

Thank you for the faith,

And the patronage;

Now the turn is mine

To extend my branches

And provide shade

Where you can rest

In comfort.




​I’m sorry I left you alone 

I’m sorry I didn’t do anything

Even if I did care

Because I know

The feeling

Of loneliness and pain

Of being left alone

More than anyone

But I have no choice,

For, I should leave you


To go ahead 

With my life.

Because if I stayed,

We both know

I could be of help,

But my life

Would come 

To a standstill.

I’m sorry for everything

I’ve not done

That I ought have

To make it easier for you,

I’m sorry

Your life turned out

The way it is,

And I’m really sorry

That I’m unable

To do anything about it.

All I can do,

Is promise you

That I’ll be there

Even though not always

To make your daily life