Thank you, 2016!


​Another year has passed

And has blessed us 

With experiences of every kind –

Tough cyclone winds,

The chase for the things we love,

Ceiling fans that slice hands,

New guitars and amazing gifts,

Flying over to places already seen,

New songs that have driven home 

Special meanings,

The lonely melancholies,

All the little sacrifices 

And honest promises

That mean so much,

All the trust gained or lost,

All the lessons learnt,

Friends and family who’ve stayed

Through thick and thin;

Countless happy memories

Of beach sands and salty waves;

Everyday ridicules and midnight fun,

Loud, contagious laughter,

An unshakable confidence

On people who always stay;

A path of obstacles,

And yet, the strength to face

Every single one of them

With such complacence,

And with the faith

That a brand new year

Is here

To bring another set of experiences;

And I shall cherish each one – 

Both good and bad

With all my heart.