.NET? It better be good.


Okay… I haven’t mentioned it in this blog until now, but a few months ago, I got selected for a job in Tata Consultancy Services. And I’m going to take up the job, of course. TCS has split the selected students (1,212 from our whole University) into different streams, based on Lord knows what, and have announced us which stream each of us belong to.

I had been cast into the ‘.NET’ stream it seems. Pardon me, but I know nothing of the stream, though I had entered the interview telling them I’d want to be in the IT field. After all, I have the excuse of calling myself ‘an electronics and communication student, and knows only limited computer science’, despite getting selected in the IT field. 😀

Now, being the smarter organization, TCS has given us the papers they want us to study in our next semester. And I’ve just been told that I’d be studying .NET the next semester. A friend patted me and said “.NET is not all that tough. I think they put you there because you’re an ECE student!”

She also told me that her friends who had gotten into the stream knew at least a bit about .NET. So now, it’s only me who knows nothing of it… a couple of girls from my class – the class in which I studied until last semester- are going to be with me in my next semester, I saw in the list. Not very close, but friends who I can easily start small-talk with. I need to make friends in a span of three to four months in my to-be class!

We are required to attend classes in another campus this year. I’ll be having no more classes in my good ol’ college anymore. I’ll miss it like hell… after all, it’s where I got all the friends who created all the memorable days for me. But I’m excited, because the main branch of our college is quite huge and… is EXTREME FUN!

I’m surely looking forward for these classes, but I’m also a bit nervous, as I don’t know what syllabus lay ahead of me. It seems I’ll have C# and CSS amidst a few others that I didn’t know of, and that is enough to cause me this nervousness. I tried learning a bit of CSS from w3schools, but man, it’s really boring! But it’d be fun after I see the result, I know… but still… it is boring, no matter how I try to defend it and prevent myself from uttering the b-word. Anyway, if the teaching is good, I’d be glad to learn it. It doesn’t look so terrifying, either! And if C# is a bit like C or C++, I’m going to love it!

.NET… you better be good. I’m about to leave all of my previous classmates for you.

Whoever is reading this, if you’ve already read my post where I said I was going to learn web designing in the holidays, here’s a confession from me: I didn’t. I wasted my time. Yet again. 😦

And oh, Happy New Year, by the way! 🙂

‘Your computer is not connected to the internet’

Or not.

Or not.

How untrue.

Dear internet, I tell you, I’m always connected to the internet. It’s just the awesome skill of my network in staying off the radar that you’re not being able to detect me at all. You see, my modem likes to keep me safe from the cyber-demons, as it truly loves me to the point of death!

It’s not super-slow. In fact, it’s super-smart, because it saves me data. It teaches me what patience is. Very soon… it might even teach me to break my laptop and walk away. And… to eventually become a hermit. And, for the love of internet, I might as well begin my preparations for becoming one.

Desperate for a good connection,

The blogger who owns a cobweb-filled, rotten, untended ol’ blog, thanks to her nasty internet.