Penny by penny I saved

And then lost some.

I saved a little more,

Even when I was tempted not to.

I spent some more,

Saved some more,

And in the end,

A well-wisher friend called me ‘lavish’

And made me save so well

That after a year from now,

I’ll have a decent amount 

Saved in the bank.

If only my friend hadn’t insisted,

I would never have been

Able to do this.

Selfish World



Some thoughts arise:

Did they ever think of you

As a friend?

Because if not,

They wouldn’t dodge

And hide

When they have to give you back

That which belongs to you;

People don’t see you

For what you are – 

They only see you because 

You have money

In your savings,

Which you reveal to friends,

Because, you trust them,

You think they really are


But all they think of you –

You’re just another source

For money.

They never return,

They never turn back and look

At this friend,

To whom, as well, 

Whatever has been lent

Means a lot.

One does not lend because 

They’re a millionaire –

Just because they understand 

The pain it takes

To save that huge an amount,

Having experienced it.

But people never spare

Even a second thought

For this poor lender –

If it had been just one person,

It would be okay..

The betrayal would heal


But for seeing around three people

In a year’s time

Do this

To a single person –

To the one who understood your pain

Is precisely why

Some people label this

Cruel world

As ‘selfish’.

Here’s another incident from today afternoon that explains how selfish everyone is:

 Today I was travelling by a local bus in my hometown. I saw many people getting on, and there was no more place to sit, but there was this one lady who was carrying a baby on her hip. I decided to give up my seat for her, but she was standing far away from where I sat. As soon as I got up, a lady was rushing towards my seat to sit down. I explained to the lady that I was getting up so that the other lady with the kid can sit.. since it’ll be hard to hold the baby and stand steadily in a moving bus.. but before that a little girl sat on my seat. I couldn’t ask her to get up, so I left it at that (kids don’t deserve to get up and give space for others).. but that lady who wanted to sit.. she asked the girl to get up, and sat there and she called someone she knew (probably her husband or her brother who was carrying a kid with him too) and asked him to make the child sit on her lap. People will go to any extent to accomplish what they want, eh? The man was carrying the child for her anyway.. she needed to sit, so she made an excuse.. people are such. But the other poor lady with the child was still standing.. I bet she had no clue there was someone in the bus who had given up a seat for her.

Later I wished I had not even gotten up. Sometimes there are selfish people out there.. you really must be selfish yourself to survive in this world.



Money comes and goes,

So do people;

When they require money,

They get reminded

Of you

Who never denies a thing

Who gives whatever is asked

Who thinks

From the perspective

Of the other end

Who also needs money

To go ahead with life,

But is willing to contribute

To lessen the burden

Of a so-called ‘friend’.

But, there is no such thing

In this world

As a true friend

Who can be trusted –

All whom you trust

Cannot be your friend,

All of your friends

Cannot be trusted;

Life is hard for some, yes,

But all you see

Is that they refuse to give you

What belongs to you;

Never must you ever again

Try to reason

With your stupid mind;

Never think

That they’re in need;

Never again empathize,

Because there is no one in this world

Who reciprocates,

Except, probably a rare few

That will return the money

That is asked not to return

At once

Upon encountering any difference of opinion

Indicating that there is nothing more left

To do

Than drift apart.

Wrong choice


NaPoWriMo day 11:

Here’s today’s contribution! Another limerick (surprise, surprise!) I wrote about a shallow girl who fell for a cheater.

Heels as high as mountains, and cheeks a light pink;

Skirt flowing down to her ankles, liquid as a drink;

Lips red and shining with heavy lip gloss,

Mascara filled lashes and eyes as green as moss;

That man loved her for her money, little did she know or think.

Banned from DreamWorld!


The Daily Post used to give us daily prompts promptly at 6 or 7 o’ clock in the evening. Now, it’s eleven, and the prompt has arrived… rather not-so-promptly.

Today, we bloggers were asked: Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Well… normally, all others use 10% of their brain, but I’m afraid I use only 3% of what the others use. Three percent of ten percent… that is, 0.3%. If a person who on average uses 0.3% of her brain is able to use 90% of her brain (I hope it does exist somewhere in the upper storey), then she would definitely try to overtake Bill Gates, will she not?

“Five… four… three… two… one… preparing to land…”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Welcome to your destination… DreamWorld.”

I’d have been owning some company called ‘Nanosoft Corporation,’ and Bill Gates would have been casting his envious eyes upon my wonderful, gargantuan building that would pay twice the amount Microsoft employees are paid. Wherever you walk into my Nanosoft Corporation building, you’ll find fully solved Rubik’s cubes lying around in every corner. And you might find a few Calculus sheets lying here and there, too. I tend to be messy and lazy most of the time at times.

My to-be dream corporation -- Nanosoft group of companies.

My to-be dream corporation — Nanosoft group of companies.

And if you visit my house, you might find paintings similar to that of Leonardo Da Vinci… okay, perhaps with not exactly the same brilliancy as his paintings have, but something similar… After all, that genius is said to have applied science to his paintings to make them look mesmerizing. The portrait of Mona Lisa is a very good example… her smile looks mysterious because he is said to have applied an illusion method in his painting to make the portrait look as if she’s smiling whenever the viewer is not directly looking at the celebrated figure. If I could apply much more than Leonardo himself, then perhaps my paintings would be tenfold better?

My version of the Mona Lisa painting would be exactly like this one.

My version of the Mona Lisa painting would be exactly like this one.

Knock, knock!

This is when Reality knocks at my door. I crouch beside my door, away from the probing eyes of the devil and press myself tight to the door. I don’t want to face him right now. Not right away.

Knock, knock, knock!

“Who’s there?”

“Open up!”

“Is it Reality?”


“Then who?”


Wow. It was not Reality, after all. I jump up and down like a spring in a wrecked sofa, and finally get up.I slowly open my door out of curiosity. If it had not been Reality, then who was it? The new person from overseas, Miss Carefree Reverie, perhaps?

I get instantly greeted a cold bucket of water on my face.

“Whoa! What was that for, Mr. Rudeboy?!”

“I am anti-desire, and have come to wake you up from your dream. Though Reality has gone for a vacation to Antarctica, I often tap on silly brains of the lazy fellows and give them dosage that reminds them of their true self and to stop them from being an internet junkie.”

I shiver with the cold water seeping through my skin. I knew that the ‘internet junkie’ thing was aimed at me, but decide not to quarrel with him on that.“Why are you doing this to me, Mr. Rudeboy?”

He shrugs. “I’m just doing my job.”


“Just like WordPress has an anti-spamming facility, DreamWorld has an anti-desire-ing facility to make people realise they have better things to do in life than submerge themselves in greed.”

Oh right. “I’m glad they do. But what better things?”

The little Mr. Rudeboy gives me a disgusted look, and then gestures me to wait; oh good, he’d better show me what those “better things to do” were, because I already have a feeling I’m doing no”thing” with my life. Mr. Rudeboy’s fingers inch towards the shiny silver button on the side of my head.

Oh no!

Within a flash, Rudeboy moves forward and presses it, even before I could react and push him away from me. He had been the anonymous Mr. Dangerboy all the time, and I had just mistaken him for Mr. Rudeboy. My words wouldn’t come out of my larynx after I realized my end in this world was near. Deep cries erupt from the base of my throat, but die away before they reach my mouth.

Two milliseconds later…

I had been pulled out of DreamWorld and Rudeboy had me banned eternally from entering the fabulous world of dreamy WordPress daily prompts and fun bloggers. I was slowly falling, falling… into a fathomless hole… deep into something that could very well be a new universe

And I landed. And when I looked up and pivoted my neck, looking around, getting accustomed to the strange place where numerous paintings had been placed, a wave of recognition swept over me.

I was in the Louvre Museum.

I looked straight ahead and saw Mona Lisa smiling directly at me, although it seemed she wasn’t exactly smiling. Actually, she seemed to be mocking me. And for a split second, I felt as if her picture came alive and talked out loud: “Leonardo would have laughed at you, had he been alive.”

And I knew it. He would really have.