Help me


This is because one of my other neighbors, Ms.A was worrying about her father today; being old, he had told her that he’d collapse any day; her lament had fuelled today’s poetry.

Help me
Understand the cruel ways
That the world runs upon;
Help me
Overcome my worst fears,
Help me wipe my tears,
Help me
See everything in silence
And to not run away;
Help me
Face all that I have to,
While I turn into a stone
Without emotions,
Numbing my brain,
Freezing my thoughts in place;
Rescue me
From this pain, this sorrow
From the icy cold stabs
Running deep inside;
Leave me not
To suffer alone in the dark,
To fend for myself;
Lend me some love,
Some care,
And tell me you’re always there.

Who’s there?


My ears strained

And strained

To hear a voice – any voice,

One of reassurance,

One of love,

One of excitement,

One of promises,

One that would take me away,

Over the hills,

The seas,

The horizon,

Where the sun meets the earth,

But never really does

Where I am drenched

In a world of bliss,

Where this minute is eternity.

I called out loud,

To see if any voice would reply,

But alas, there was no response –

There was no one.



​Not having anyone

In this world

Who can do a favour

Or be of help

In times of grief

Or for moral support –

Not having a single being

Who knows better,

Who cares,

Spots the wiped-up tears,

Who can hear through the silence

The high-pitched cries of desperation –

Not having a person

To share

This immense sorrow

For which there’s no more space

In this chest

To contain and hide –

Is why soltitude is unbearable.

Your angle


​It’s not anyone’s fault

That things are

The way they are;

After all,

Everyone we meet

In this world

Is human;

Everyone has a life,

Everyone cannot comprehend 

Every single feeling 

With utmost precision

The same way you have.

Even if it is a professional,

They’re still human;

They, too, can get angry

They, too, can get mad,

Because in the end,

No one is an angel

Dropping right from heaven

And there is no one

In this world

Who can ever see

What you see;

There’s no one in this world 

Who will not snap

On hearing an honest confession 

From you

If it’s unfavorable to them;

Everyone has an angle

Of seeing things,

And yours is in no way

Nearer to theirs.



A single word

An unwelcome gesture

A simple sneer

Or an angry tone

Is enough

To shun the lights

Out of my day,

Make it a lonely night,

Where I reside

In the darkness

Without the slightest fear

But in comfort –

Where there is no one

To mock

Or to hate.

It has become 

Extraordinarily tough these days

To put up

Even with the silliest

Of comments.

All I need, right now,

Is to go far, far away –

Someplace where no one

Knows me.



​This is me 

Giving up

On everyone

Who had ever been there

For me in difficult times.

This is me 

Giving up

All the memories,

The times spent together,

Which will never be had again.

This is me,

Giving up

On all things

That seem to

Control me.

I’m finally breaking free

From all the bonds

That had bound me

Down to the earth.

Now I’m free to fly

Over the sky

Where I shall disappear

As a tiny dot.

Away, for good.

Plants are better


It’s better

To not have any friends

Than to have those

That fail to understand you;

Those that believe

With all their heart

About something

You never quite meant.

It’s better to have a plant

As a friend

That will never talk to you

Nor hurt you

With all the disbelief

That it can afford.

Even if you don’t water it,

It only sheds leaves 

As tears,

But later grows well

To bring a smile 

On your face.

At least it can be there for you

And listen silently

To your tales of sorrow

Unlike the friends

Who misunderstand

And leave.

No way



There is a way

From under the ocean,

To reach the sky

Where the stars shine,


There is a ray

Of light

Coming from a candle

Glowing inside,


There is a path

Leading to the heavens

From the backstairs,


There is a drama

Which can be perceived

Without judgement,


There is a song

That can be sung out loud

In the rain, in the snow,

And in the darkness,

Where I reside,

Expressing the pain,

There is no hope

Of getting any better

At overcoming

This feeling

Of having no one

To fill this gap,

To wipe the tears,

To say it’s okay,

To have a shoulder to weep on,

To have a friend

In this world

Of judgemental people.



​I can swim in the ocean

Pick out the best of pearls 

Take them out from their shells

For you,

But all you can remember

Is the one time

I absent-mindedly

Threw away one.

Now I know

To not pick any pearl

For anyone ever again.

The space


​Have no one

Enter the space

Upon reaching where

Can make you swing and sway

To their wishes

Or even close enough

For you

To do all that you can

For them

Because, in the end,

There’s nothing such as 

An unbreakable friendship

Because, in the end,

People leave – 

Most of them.

All of them – that had once been

In the space

That you let them enter;

Some, who have not

Seen the insides of the space

Don’t leave,

Because there’s no reason to.

They have not seen the gruesome state

Nor did they come across

The nails inside

That prick their toes,

Sending them out

In a frenzy,

Away from where they belong,

Away from everything

That once seemed nice.

The more comfortable it feels

With someone,

The more it hurts,

Because, in the end,

They’re the only ones

Who were ever allowed

To enter the space

And yet, never knew

A thing

About how much they mean,

How much they will always be special,

How much their absence is felt

How much effort was taken to make the space cozy enough

To make them stay

To understand,

To love,

To care;

Never in forever will they know

How much they had meant

But, their footsteps will stay, littered all over

Until the space

Ceases to be.

But now, it is time

To set them free.

They were not meant to be

In this cruel prison

Lined with grime and dirt.