5 o clock’s revenge on me


The thing is, I’ve never written a blogpost for my blog as early as 5.30 in the morning, but now I am… I woke up at 5 (what wonder!) and decided to study(wonder of wonders!) because my CIA as they call it — Continuous Internal Assessment — is at 9.30 and I haven’t prepared one bit.

But here I am, writing a blogpost instead of concentrating on what actually needs to be done.

I came to apologize. I’m not being able to write blogposts every now and then because I don’t have much time now-a-days. I travel for about four hours a day from Kumbakonam to Thanjavur, and it has become hard to find time (or the mood) to write. I found out that I’m getting tired quite easily. I dunno why, but yesterday, I was all burning up. It doesn’t seem to be fever, because all of a sudden, it’s just gone. I wonder if it’ll come back today evening.

This Sunday, I had gone to Trichy to a meeting that “Yuva” had organized(Yuva is an NGO). You see, it takes three hours to get there by bus(though in the morning, we had taken the train and had traveled for only two hours). In the evening, however, since it had become late, a van had been arranged and all was well and good… except myself. I don’t know why, I’d been shivering all day under the AC, and even  when I got out, I felt cold. It seems that that’s when that weird fever thingy started, although I’d never claim that it was fever. It was totally odd… even for a fever. I left early in the morning and came home at around 10 pm.

And I had to get up early the next day with all the tiredness and some more, and get myself to college again. You see, they told me that we had morning classes in alternate days and afternoon classes in-between. Yesterday I had morning class… for which I have to depart at about 6 am. I had been thinking that at least today, I’d be able to get some sleep, but no. I got a mail yesterday from our professor, telling us the time: the test was at 9.30 am.

And so, I have to be prepared to go at about seven. And I have to study before I do that. And I have class in the morning tomorrow, too, so I’d have to get up again at 5 tomorrow. Darn!

“5 o’ clock” surely wants revenge from me. For making a resolution to get up at 5 and not obeying.

Lazing around


DailyPost Prompt: To write for a full ten minutes non-stop about anything.

I know it is too late to post right now, but it has been long since I have visited wordpress and now I feel like I’m missing something fun. I have just decided to not ignore my blog anymore.

I have noticed that the prompt was given to us yesterday night, but I saw it only right now. And when I saw a fellow blogger who had posted their contribution just a couple of hours ago, I gathered my courage and opened up my word document to type my post off.

So… Anything that you want me to speak about, eh? Then I’ll talk about (okay, I need time to think what I need to write about… how about talking about typical Indian climate?)

The climate today is sweltering as usual, and I can sense sweat all over me. The sun shines warmly at me – not just me, the whole of our town – merrily making its scorching rays consume up all places exposed.

I am sitting on my father’s Mahindra Duro in my portico with my laptop on my lap (how unexpected!) and looking at random things in the net – no, random, I would say not, as I was deliberately looking for more information on ‘The battle of the catalaunian plains’ where the allied forces of the Romans and Visigoths defeated the Huns in the fifth century AD in Europe. I had been searching for this because I need a historical setting for my novel.

Looks like I’ve written for more than ten minutes. I shall take my leave, then.

Going back in time, and reliving the past week!


In response to a writing prompt from The Daily Post.

So… All I did the past week was lazing around, create a blog, post a few times in it, and spend some time in an ebook community, doing absolutely nothing.


Yes, nothing.


The only fruitful thing I did probably was grocery shopping. Another thing was that I met my school friend, and we talked for a while and we went to the temple together. I also went to another temple again a few days later, and liked the peace that settled into me that evening while I was at the temple, but other than that, I guess I have done nothing much.


So.. I think I should get back my week and do something productive. Productive, as in… work out for my upcoming aptitude tests, and revise C and C++, the coding languages which are a ‘must know’ for most of my interviews, and whatnot. I could’ve done some drawing or something, or at the least, slept well — I slept very late for a whole week only to wake up late in the morning. Very late.


The week would’ve been an ideal one if the days had been like below:


Day One:

The day should’ve started with me waking up as early as 6 in the morning, and take a peek at the beautiful scene outside (I’m a night person, and I never get to see the break of dawn, you see).

Then, I should’ve done some exercise for at least half an hour and then take a rest, listening to the Vishnu Sahasranaamam, which cools my soul. Then I should’ve showered immediately and should’ve immediately gone to the temple before it becomes sunny.

That would be the perfect start of the day.

And then, I should’ve come home and helped my mom with whatever help she needed and then, go back to my computer and write a chapter of my novel.

Then, I should’ve gone to meet my friend and spend the evening with her. After coming home in the evening, I should’ve done whatever the hell I wanted to do in the internet, but only for a while, and should’ve gone to sleep at a proper time.


Day Two:

The perfect start for a day as listed above. And I should’ve spent for a whole day researching about microprocessors in the net, and should’ve gone cycling. I really love cycling, and it raises my spirits.

Day three:

I would’ve liked it if I did some drawing or some creative artwork, so let’s take this day for that. And I should’ve visited the temple again, as it gives me peace. I should’ve walked the streets of my town, just to simply be active and not sit lazily in front of my laptop as I am doing right now.


Day Four:

I should’ve let go of my ego and talked to my best friend PV and visited him. He’s rarely talking to me these days, so I didn’t talk, either. And I should’ve also done something like writing or I could’ve even slept in the afternoon!

Day Five:

I should’ve created this blog pretty quickly and shouldn’t have taken all day to customize it and deciding which color would be best. I still don’t know if the blog has a good look or not. I’ve tried to change the background and the header photo many times, but never did I get fully satisfied. And I could’ve got the time to blog all day, look at other cool blogs and stuff.

And I could’ve still gone to the temple that evening! Or  I could’ve gone cycling, simply roaming the streets.

Day Six:

I should’ve done something better than sitting in front of my laptop all day. I could’ve read ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown, my favorite author, as I still haven’t read it yet. I have the book borrowed from a friend and it’s sleeping in the shelf for almost six months. Now that I have holidays, I could’ve read that.

I could’ve also done a bit of searching on the net to make a cool resume for myself. The resume that I’d made is completely basic, and I need to learn to make an attractive one. Plus, I could’ve even had the time for blogging.

Day Seven:

Today… I could’ve done many things today, ranging from cycling to practicing for the aptitude tests, but I did none. I went grocery shopping and did nothing else. I could’ve gone to the Micromax service center, telling them that my phone’s speaker sometimes wouldn’t work, but I didn’t. I could’ve cleaned my table and my shelf, but I didn’t. And I should’ve at the least slept soon, but here I am, typing my new post instead of sleeping. I have to go to the bank tomorrow, and for that, I have to wake up early.



I have spent  lot of time lamenting on my bad internet connection and a very bad signal on my phone for the past week, hence sitting with them for a whole day. Technology has just ruined my week, I could say.

So, I’m going to put the next few holidays that I’ve got into use and make the best out of them. I just realized how I wanted my life to be like. Now that I’ve posted this, I might as well do all that I’ve written about in the next few days, as I have only a few days less than a week before my college starts.