My inner demons


Warning: the poem is dark.

I ran in the darkness, not knowing where I was going
My feet were bleeding; it was the work of thorns and sharp stones
I still ran, because I felt I should
Else, something was going to eat me alive.

I ran amidst trees that waved their huge branches about like crazy
In an attempt to catch me
I ran as the wind beat against my face, slapping my cheeks
As though punishing for all my crimes.

I ran, as the moon refused to come to my rescue
Without even an ounce of moonlight.
I ran, as the cries from behind became louder
And were now closing in on me.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me
Never giving up;
I ran… without knowing.. that ahead of me
Were the ugliest of spirits waiting to suck my soul out

I came to a halt as I saw what was ahead of me:
Hungry spirits and pointy teeth.
They were coming for me;
My head reeled.

But before I fell,
I felt a hundred shiny black hands catch me from behind
The very ones I had been running from.
They had finally gotten me.

I could see the black, pointy nails of a hand closing in on my throat
I felt my brain give away;
And just like that,
I was falling into oblivion.

As I was falling into the bottomless hole from which I could never return,
I knew..
That although I had countless people I held dear,
There wasn’t one name I could call out to.

The truth is,
There will never be a person you can trust
Unless it’s your own self.
As I realize this, the shiny black hands leave me alone and disappear.



Here’s a poem I wrote today.. it’s a bit dark, but oh well!

The sky was pitch black,

The path ahead, stony and rough;

But I knew, that on the other side

Were you.

I climbed the rocky mountains,

Wiped my blood-drenched feet, shook away the thorns

And hurried despite the terror shaking me

For you.

Petrified as I was, my skin looked pale,

My hands were sweaty, and yet

There was nothing in my mind

But you.

I hurried past the wind, past the storm,

Past the spine-chilling cries from the dark,

Past the scary, barren lands

Towards you.

I searched and searched, but to no avail;

The shadows were now closing in on me, shrieking.

I must be terrified – I  was going to die – but all I felt was that I…

Lost you.

And as the devils tore me apart,

I realized that you never once were mine to begin with;

And yet, even until my last breath, I never stopped

Loving you.

That Stormy Night


Here’s another limerick from me. After a long time, of course.

The howling wolves, hooting owls, and the mummies that rise

Taking delight in the stormy night, with their bone-chilling cries

Made her wish she never left home

Finally, she decided going back on her own

But the shiny pair of eyes in the tree bark told her otherwise.