Being happy


Know that

If I don’t post for a long while

It means

That I’m happy

And content with my life – 

That something exciting

Is going on

And I have stoppd dwelling

In sadistic thoughts.

Know that I have come again

Just to remind this website

That I’m not yet dead,

And that I’m the happiest

In the whole world.

Know that I have a resolution

For this year

To make myself

The happiest.


Friends stay, don’t they?


​Friends stay.

Even when you don’t know what you’re doing,

And you cut your hand in a ceiling fan,

And when you get admitted in a hospital,

Even if it takes a lot of time,

Even when you have no patience,

Even if they have to stay up all night,

Even when you complain about the green costume,

And when you undergo surgery,

And you can’t eat by yourself,

Even when you put them through hard times,

And you bother them all the time,

When you need them by your side all day,

Friends stay.


Okay, I cut the back of my palm as I accidentally put my hand in the ceiling fan a few days ago. And my roommates took such great care of me the last two days that they deserve much, much more than this, but all I can give them in return is this poem. 

P.S: I hated the green outfit they gave me… so much.