Too short. Nah, too long!


The daily post asked me what I was snobbish about. If something had to be only like that for me, what would it be?

Okay, let’s start off with the first thing that comes to my mind – dresses.
There is this traditional Indian dress called Langa in Telugu and Paavadai in Tamil. If it has to be given an English name, then I would say ‘a long skirt’, but that’s nowhere close. Usually young girls wear this. I too wore it when I was young.

For me, it has to exactly reach my toes – I wouldn’t mind at all even if it swept the floor or if I tripped on it, which was what my mother feared – it had to never go above my feet. Not even a few inches. But as young girls grow, the dress begins to get shorter for them; they are usually pleated at the hems, so there would be no problem, they had thought.

They thought wrong.

The pleats increased the length of the skirt significantly, sometimes more than required, so I had to wait till I grew even more, till my mother considered unstitching the pleats safe. And until then, I had to wear the short-growing skirt, despising it every time I wear them. And a majority of my dresses was the Paavadai.

The same thing goes for long skirts – I had reached a certain age when I didn’t grow much when I started wearing long skirts, so I do not have much to accuse them of. Had I worn them when I was young, I would’ve hated wearing them, too.


When they say frocks – or tunics – I expect them to be knee-length, no more. But because my mother feared that I would grow like a freaking coconut tree, she undid the pleats of my uniform (yes, these had pleats, too. I suppose every school uniform has?) till they reached way farther below my knees. I hated wearing it.

The exact size of my clothes has to be maintained. Yes, I am a snob when it comes to clothes.


Whenever I need a bag of chips, I want a big one (preferably lay’s). Either you buy me a huge pack of chips, or I would choose to not eat at all.

Haha 😛 I can be pretty snobby at times!