I don’t care.


​What do I care

If you get hit by a bus

What do I care

If you don’t feel well

What do I care?

Go freeze to death

On your way to hell

For you can’t even tell

When I don’t care even an inch

Because I know

With your stubborn will

You are not one to heed warnings

Because people like me

Are just 

Not worth listening to.

Step into the scorching fire,

Or plunge into a lone well..

I will never care.

Nor will I ever write poems

To channel my fury,

To control my anger,

Because you

Will never be the person

Whom I cared for the most of all.

Because you

Are not my best friend.

Because you

Can do whatever you want.

I don’t care.

At all.


Be careful.

Do take care.

And I didn’t say I cared.

No, not even a bit.



Hey folks! 🙂 Happy independence day to all the Indians out there. I’ve written a poem in memory of all the people who were responsible for our freedom.

It must have hurt

Enduring the cane strikes

It must have hurt

With every droplet of blood oozing out

It must have hurt

To starve and starve, and still shout slogans

It must have hurt

To have constantly thought of freedom

It must have hurt

To stay imprisoned behind those cruel bars

It must have hurt

To see fellow Indians suffer the same

It must have hurt

To stand firm and fight, while still weak

It must have hurt

To sacrifice one’s life for India’s freedom

But they did it anyway.

A big salute to all of them. Jai Hind!

Silent Wails

This is my first time attempting tanka. I hope it hasn’t gone awry.

Tears as cold as fire,

Ran down her cheek, reflecting

Countless nights spent crying,

Waiting for his apology

To end their fight, to soothe her.