Like the high clouds

I want to soar

So I could reach you,

So I could touch you,

So that I could see

Where you reside

In the sky

Like a King,

Where I can be the queen,

Where I get 

To love you forever,

To laugh like there’s no tomorrow,

Lean on your broad shoulders,

Let the tears of pain flow,

Let the happiness sink in

Until it reaches

The mighty ocean below

Into which I shall jump,

To get precious pearls

To adorn you with;

And when I look up,

I will yearn for you

And only you,

And will wait

In this life and the next

For you

To come down to me,

And set me free with you,

Into the sky

Where we can fly

Without a care.

And the moon would never come down.

A dream come true…


It was the time when the last vestiges of dark decided to flee on seeing the sanguine rays of the sun; it was the time when the streetlamps were still glowing despite the appearance of the sunrays, and the city that resembled a beast at day, was actually asleep.

The air was fresh, and she took a deep breath as her legs pedalled on. She cycled through the transparent mist, like a free bird gliding across the ocean. She was taken to DreamWorld completely, and the surrealism of it all made her eyes wide.

The clean street was lined with streetlamps, providing their dull orange glow to the day, telling her it was all a dream. And this dream of hers was punctuated by reality as now and again, a few lamps went missing from the oh-so-consistent line.

And in those gaps of reality that seeped through, the sun rays painted the place with warmth even as chilly winds of the late night kept blowing at her. Something told her reality could be nothing like this.

As she entered a narrow alley which wasn’t yet blessed by the warm rays of the sun, she hit the brakes and got down. The rows of houses that adorned the street were enveloped in a thin sheet of dust. A few green plants grew everywhere, and she clasped her tiny hands and cast her sight heavenwards.

“Oh, this place cannot just be real,” she said. “It looks as if I’ve entered a world I’d never visited before.”

And then came the voice from heaven: “This is what early morning feels like, my child.”

An alley early in the morning

Exotic Italy! 🙂

What’s life without fear?


The Daily Post asked me: What would your life be like if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would it be better or worse?

Before coming to that question, let’s analyze something.

Do I want a life that has no fear in it? What kind of life is perfect? One that’s void of fear?

Fear is a four letter word that rules the emotions of people. Not all, though, have the same kind of fear.

I fear of physical illnesses and diseases that are going to consume my body as a whole when I get old. I also have a fear for flies (especially the cockroaches that fly) and I’m a bit nervous when I’m about to give some sort of performance, be it a seminar or a group discussion.

There are quite a few things for which we all fear, but we don’t realize it.

Why do you go to work on time? In fear of getting fired.

Why do you want to follow the traffic rules? In fear of getting caught or in fear for your life.

If this fear doesn’t exist, then things would be upside down by now. There would be no proper rules to guide us – note that even the rules are made in fear of the consequences that occur if we don’t follow them.

Fear – it often does good things. People who have a fear of heights easily avoid heights, and hence they have a less probability of falling off the terrace.

Here’s another reason why fear is not welcome: the person will miss the spectacular view of the city one gets from the heights.

I’d say all phobias have to be stricken out with the wordpress fantasy wand before they can haunt people any further. After all, we’re given an opportunity to fantasize our life once a day!

My conclusion is that fear has to be there, but only in places where it’s needed. And that makes (not only mine) everyone’s life perfect!

Now coming to the question: What would my life be like if I were incapable of feeling fear?

I’d be a spoilt brat.

And my life –it would either be way too awesome (awesomely messed up) or way too dangerous that’d put me in the ‘endangered’ zone and I’d not even be capable to fear about – either way, it would be messed up.

In other words, I wouldn’t prefer concentrating on eating chips to running for life when I spot a tiger – not that I’d spot one anyway. Tigers would become extinct one day. 😦

I am not overcome by fear of something or the other every now and then, but still, I need fear.

An example? I always go late to college, even though I fear I wouldn’t be allowed in the classroom—but that is the only fear that makes me wake up every morning!

Best places to write: Fantasy and reality


Places I fantasize:
1. A calm forest, where I would sit under a shady tree with my laptop and a superfast wifi! Or even a book will do. That would be the most peaceful place ever, with the low hum of the running water in a nearby spring and the birds chirping. I’d love to go to such a lovely place and write.
2. A full moon night, when I have a large room with a large window by the bedside, and sit there with my laptop and write. The soft mattress beneath offers coziness beyond compare and the brightly shining stars from above motivate me to write. If only I had a window, let alone a large one, in my room. I’d probably stay up the whole night and write.
3. A humble hut facing a scenery of a mountain range, and a lake that is in the middle of the two mountains, which also reflects the warm sun. It would be even better to sit at the border of the lake and write, provided no alligators or crocodiles reside in it.
4. On the terrace of a sky scraper in a very populated, clean city like Chicago or something. The other high, enormous yet elegant buildings all around me might give me some inspiration to write – or maybe I’d just stare at the beauty and take photos.
I like to sit with my laptop and its superslow wifi and type off all I want on the yellow table in my room. I’d choose night time for doing it, as night would always be ideal – it provides a peaceful environment. Or I could even prefer early mornings, but I’m so lazy that I don’t wake up that early! 😀

—-Written in response to today’s writing prompt: Writing Space——