A dream come true…


It was the time when the last vestiges of dark decided to flee on seeing the sanguine rays of the sun; it was the time when the streetlamps were still glowing despite the appearance of the sunrays, and the city that resembled a beast at day, was actually asleep.

The air was fresh, and she took a deep breath as her legs pedalled on. She cycled through the transparent mist, like a free bird gliding across the ocean. She was taken to DreamWorld completely, and the surrealism of it all made her eyes wide.

The clean street was lined with streetlamps, providing their dull orange glow to the day, telling her it was all a dream. And this dream of hers was punctuated by reality as now and again, a few lamps went missing from the oh-so-consistent line.

And in those gaps of reality that seeped through, the sun rays painted the place with warmth even as chilly winds of the late night kept blowing at her. Something told her reality could be nothing like this.

As she entered a narrow alley which wasn’t yet blessed by the warm rays of the sun, she hit the brakes and got down. The rows of houses that adorned the street were enveloped in a thin sheet of dust. A few green plants grew everywhere, and she clasped her tiny hands and cast her sight heavenwards.

“Oh, this place cannot just be real,” she said. “It looks as if I’ve entered a world I’d never visited before.”

And then came the voice from heaven: “This is what early morning feels like, my child.”

An alley early in the morning

Exotic Italy! 🙂

5 o clock’s revenge on me


The thing is, I’ve never written a blogpost for my blog as early as 5.30 in the morning, but now I am… I woke up at 5 (what wonder!) and decided to study(wonder of wonders!) because my CIA as they call it — Continuous Internal Assessment — is at 9.30 and I haven’t prepared one bit.

But here I am, writing a blogpost instead of concentrating on what actually needs to be done.

I came to apologize. I’m not being able to write blogposts every now and then because I don’t have much time now-a-days. I travel for about four hours a day from Kumbakonam to Thanjavur, and it has become hard to find time (or the mood) to write. I found out that I’m getting tired quite easily. I dunno why, but yesterday, I was all burning up. It doesn’t seem to be fever, because all of a sudden, it’s just gone. I wonder if it’ll come back today evening.

This Sunday, I had gone to Trichy to a meeting that “Yuva” had organized(Yuva is an NGO). You see, it takes three hours to get there by bus(though in the morning, we had taken the train and had traveled for only two hours). In the evening, however, since it had become late, a van had been arranged and all was well and good… except myself. I don’t know why, I’d been shivering all day under the AC, and even  when I got out, I felt cold. It seems that that’s when that weird fever thingy started, although I’d never claim that it was fever. It was totally odd… even for a fever. I left early in the morning and came home at around 10 pm.

And I had to get up early the next day with all the tiredness and some more, and get myself to college again. You see, they told me that we had morning classes in alternate days and afternoon classes in-between. Yesterday I had morning class… for which I have to depart at about 6 am. I had been thinking that at least today, I’d be able to get some sleep, but no. I got a mail yesterday from our professor, telling us the time: the test was at 9.30 am.

And so, I have to be prepared to go at about seven. And I have to study before I do that. And I have class in the morning tomorrow, too, so I’d have to get up again at 5 tomorrow. Darn!

“5 o’ clock” surely wants revenge from me. For making a resolution to get up at 5 and not obeying.