Dear VLSI…


Oh, dear VLSI,
Please don’t trouble me.
Dear, dear VLSI,
I beg of you
To not hate me.

Oh, dear VLSI,
Are you the base
Of everything else?
Look at the silent transistor,
That nodded its head.

Dear oh dear, my VLSI,
Very large scale integration indeed,
But don’t forget the humble half adder,
That has never asked you anything
In return for the carry and the sum it gave you.

The logic gates reside inside,
Eerily functioning, adding every bit.
Oh, my VLSI, don’t you see?
I have a project to do with you in it,
So you have to assist me.

Though the static RAM flip-flopped
About how good your memory was,
The dynamic RAM exposed off
The wedding of the transistor to the talkative capacitor,
That you had forgotten about.

About building an adder,
My professor finally says,
“Eight transistors should do it.”
Dear oh dear, VLSI, you still need to grow!
Don’t bother the naughtily silent transistor; he has a life, too.

And so do I.