Tell me your tale


Tell me your most horrendous tale,

Dear one,

Tell me how you shivered

When you saw your worst fear come true,

How you trembled

When you were trapped alone with it,

Tell me how you conquered it,

Tell me how you suppressed

Your anxiety

And overcame that feeling

Of utter dread;

Tell me how you escaped

Your impending doom,

And changed your destiny

To stand where you are now;

Tell me your worst story, dearest,

Let me know how you have explored

Every dark corner of your mind

And have come back alive

To tell me

That incredible tale.



​WhatsApp statuses

Are what 

Reflect one’s mood these days –

The status remains happy

The photo is one of happiness,

Everything states 

That the soul is content –

The lips smile,

And kind words flow..

But not the eyes,

For they don’t twinkle anymore.

They don’t have the spark

That usually appears

When doing something exciting.

The face has become a mask

That tries to show the world

What the world likes to see.

The adrenaline doesn’t seem to flow

Now that there’s nothing to be done

Or seen or heard

For, nothing really matters

To the world;

They will never know

What has been endured, all these days,

Because this deceptive smile

Is enough

To fool them into thinking

That life is even better

Than they always thought it was

Because, otherwise,

The chaos and dirt is all revealed,

In broad daylight,

Where people scrunch their noses up

And walk on

As their stilettos step on

Roads of shiny glass

Turning their heads away

From anything unpleasant;

Away.. content with this little tray

Of lies.

One word


​One word

Is all it takes

To shatter the glass

And throw the shards

To the hungry beast

With three eyes

Burning with jealousy

And one tongue

Of sharp steel

Like that of a sword

Cutting your speech

Into two.

Speechless, you try

And try

To let it go,

But it won’t,

Because it has never 

Really left;

It stays with you,

Like a large hole in the depths

Of the heart

That pumps purple blood;

And you will never 

Be loved 

By any person

Because they know

That you’re nothing

But a broken piece of glass

Waiting to be glued together

Into an imperfect vase

That it had not, even once, been.

Another word

Shatters it again –

Glued or not,

It can never again

be fixed.

Run away from me


​As bright as lightning

You now get to see.. 

The truth bared out 

From underneath.

For, I’m an unwanted scar

On the jabberwocky’s flawless skin;

I’m the scorching heat

That the fire emanates from within.

I’m only a tiny black patch;

Sucking up all of the light left.

I now rule; the sun is now conquerable;

Mountains are uprooted and blown adrift.

I’m the chunk of cigarette you just smoked;

Waiting to see your last chronic cough.

I’m the abandoned venomous needle in the dunes of Sahara.

Waiting to prick you dead and make off.

I’m the edge of a sword;

I crave blood.

I’m buried in the pit of hell;

To swallow you up into a world of dread.

I’m like a white snow flake;

Beautiful, yet bringing the deadly chill of the Arctic.

I now rule; the sun is now conquerable;

Mountains are uprooted and blown adrift.

As clear as crystal,

Did I reveal myself to you.

All you need to do now is run far away,

Or until the end, remain true.

And now, sunlight is all you will see.

And the world is finally left to be.

My inner demons


Warning: the poem is dark.

I ran in the darkness, not knowing where I was going
My feet were bleeding; it was the work of thorns and sharp stones
I still ran, because I felt I should
Else, something was going to eat me alive.

I ran amidst trees that waved their huge branches about like crazy
In an attempt to catch me
I ran as the wind beat against my face, slapping my cheeks
As though punishing for all my crimes.

I ran, as the moon refused to come to my rescue
Without even an ounce of moonlight.
I ran, as the cries from behind became louder
And were now closing in on me.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me
Never giving up;
I ran… without knowing.. that ahead of me
Were the ugliest of spirits waiting to suck my soul out

I came to a halt as I saw what was ahead of me:
Hungry spirits and pointy teeth.
They were coming for me;
My head reeled.

But before I fell,
I felt a hundred shiny black hands catch me from behind
The very ones I had been running from.
They had finally gotten me.

I could see the black, pointy nails of a hand closing in on my throat
I felt my brain give away;
And just like that,
I was falling into oblivion.

As I was falling into the bottomless hole from which I could never return,
I knew..
That although I had countless people I held dear,
There wasn’t one name I could call out to.

The truth is,
There will never be a person you can trust
Unless it’s your own self.
As I realize this, the shiny black hands leave me alone and disappear.