The university I got to call mine


Yesterday’s contribution for NaPoWriMo:

You were there, everyday

You were there, every minute

You gave me comfort,

You gave me shade.

You amused me with your astounding architecture

Of your labyrinthine corridors

And marble-white stairways

You were there

When I needed you,

When I felt lost.

You were there

To change my gloomy day

Into a busy one.

You kept me occupied,

You let me dream.

You tossed a few friends my way,

And good ones, at that.

You gave me the strength

To stand on a dais and blabber.

You told me where I was weak,

You made me assess myself.

You gave me a job,

You gave me your love,

And at last, you told me it’s all over.

Now I know I have to go.

With a reluctant goodbye,

I shall go.

On the go…


Right now, I’m travelling… on a bus… homeward bound… from college.

Mom will be anticipating me to reach correctly for dinner, and I’m going to be on time for dinner, as always. And right now, getting an ideal chatting partner would be lovely, though I have already got a very nice person beside me to chat. In fact, even now, she’s chatting  with me.

And now, since I have a little charge in my laptop, and since there was nothing better to do, I thought I’d open my laptop and login to my blog. And what do we have here? The Daily Post asks me: What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

And now, this woman’s stop is going to come, and she’s going to get down. And I will be all alone… or maybe not, because there’s another woman beside her, who also talked to me, and might consider chatting more. You see, it takes almost two freaking hours to reach home from college, and most of the time, I’m all alone. Most of the time, I do not get chatter-women as my seat-mates and most of the time, there’s no charge left in my laptop. But yesterday and today were certainly not ‘most of the time’; I was lucky enough to get lovely chatting women as my seat-mates.

But who would I call my ‘ideal’ seat-mate, you ask, do you not, Daily Post dearest?

That person is non-existent. Let’s call him/her X. Let’s make it ‘him’, because I find guys fascinating. Let’s call him ‘X’.

X likes to wander wherever his legs take him, Now and again, he goes trekking on the mount Dottabetta, and he’s once visited the Himalayas, too! And he has a warm smile that’s inviting just like the woman beside me(because I need at least that much to approach a person for a chat), and he thinks he has room for one more to accompany him in his adventures.bus-157723_640

He wanders off into the forests every now and then. He knows Italian. He makes cool electronic stuff with a few transistors and things. He’s a computer geek and knows Javascript and PHP — which I do not know. He has programmed a desktop software and a web app once. And he shoots like a professional killer. X knows swimming, to rollerskate, to do all things of the crazy sort.

And the most important thing: he likes to teach all these to someone.

“And that’s enough, Mr. X. Please do sit beside me and teach me all the stuff that I can learn from you. And I’d be very, very interested to join you in your adventures, now that I know that there’s room for one more.”

And to this question, my ideal chatter seat-mate would say ‘yes!’ And that is all I need!

Alright! I’m almost home. I need to get off the bus in a few minutes, and it’s 8 pm already. I’d better stop thinking of non-existent thrilling stuff and get back to the reality that awaits.

.NET? It better be good.


Okay… I haven’t mentioned it in this blog until now, but a few months ago, I got selected for a job in Tata Consultancy Services. And I’m going to take up the job, of course. TCS has split the selected students (1,212 from our whole University) into different streams, based on Lord knows what, and have announced us which stream each of us belong to.

I had been cast into the ‘.NET’ stream it seems. Pardon me, but I know nothing of the stream, though I had entered the interview telling them I’d want to be in the IT field. After all, I have the excuse of calling myself ‘an electronics and communication student, and knows only limited computer science’, despite getting selected in the IT field. 😀

Now, being the smarter organization, TCS has given us the papers they want us to study in our next semester. And I’ve just been told that I’d be studying .NET the next semester. A friend patted me and said “.NET is not all that tough. I think they put you there because you’re an ECE student!”

She also told me that her friends who had gotten into the stream knew at least a bit about .NET. So now, it’s only me who knows nothing of it… a couple of girls from my class – the class in which I studied until last semester- are going to be with me in my next semester, I saw in the list. Not very close, but friends who I can easily start small-talk with. I need to make friends in a span of three to four months in my to-be class!

We are required to attend classes in another campus this year. I’ll be having no more classes in my good ol’ college anymore. I’ll miss it like hell… after all, it’s where I got all the friends who created all the memorable days for me. But I’m excited, because the main branch of our college is quite huge and… is EXTREME FUN!

I’m surely looking forward for these classes, but I’m also a bit nervous, as I don’t know what syllabus lay ahead of me. It seems I’ll have C# and CSS amidst a few others that I didn’t know of, and that is enough to cause me this nervousness. I tried learning a bit of CSS from w3schools, but man, it’s really boring! But it’d be fun after I see the result, I know… but still… it is boring, no matter how I try to defend it and prevent myself from uttering the b-word. Anyway, if the teaching is good, I’d be glad to learn it. It doesn’t look so terrifying, either! And if C# is a bit like C or C++, I’m going to love it!

.NET… you better be good. I’m about to leave all of my previous classmates for you.

Whoever is reading this, if you’ve already read my post where I said I was going to learn web designing in the holidays, here’s a confession from me: I didn’t. I wasted my time. Yet again. 😦

And oh, Happy New Year, by the way! 🙂

Hiring, hiring!


There might be many companies that come to my college this year. As I can see, everyone’s expecting to get placed soon. So do I.

But I asked myself this question: which organization would make me feel like home? Which one is best for me?

And also, I asked myself this. “Where would I be able to fit in well?” “Where should I be placed to improve my skills further?”

Though I haven’t got that answer yet, I still believe I’ll end up in the right place, because, I know the interviewers will select me only if they think I’m good for their organization.

I also have a desire for not-so-formal clothes, which I’m not allowed to wear in college. So I googled about a few companies and found that some might allow on Fridays (better once a week than never). I just want to relieve myself from the traditional ‘salwar kameez’ for once, at the least.

But I have a great affinity towards converse, which I’m sure I’ll have to spare for the ‘outside work outings’. I’m sure I’d hang out with friends in the weekends, so why not?

And I also hope I write something and publish it someday. I always start something, but I don’t finish it; a new idea pops into my mind even before I finish the current one that I’m working on.

And coming back to… (look at the heading, please)..

Wonderful companies like Mu Sigma, TCS, Accenture, IBM and… (am I missing something?)… and many more companies that I’m not even eligible to participate in (like Paypal, Amazon, Microsoft, etc) are visiting my college again this year!

The thing is… I am still (a teeny weeny bit) confused about which place to choose. I feel like going to a place that I’ve dreamed of going, but I know no one there. There’s another awesome place where I have relatives (and also a couple of childhood friends), which happens to be my birthplace, but I really don’t know if I want to go there.

I’m sure of one thing, though. I don’t want to get settled in the place I live currently. 😛 I just want to move to a metropolitan city, but I’m not sure which one to choose.

These are the confusions and problems that come along with hiring. After all, deciding the place/organization where you’re going to spend the next phase of your life isn’t easy, is it? Even though you get to earn, you can’t say you’ll be happy however it turns out, will you?

And I need a friends circle that will be huge enough to keep me busy everyday with them. I love spending time with friends. I wish I get some like-minded people as my would-be colleagues.

Goodness me! I’m planning so far ahead! I don’t even know if I’m going to get a job or not. (Well… I do have confidence in myself, which is why I’m ranting so much), but there’re always ifs and buts, right?

Okay… I know I’ll go on ranting, making this post even more intolerable for you to read, filling it with other personal expectations and worries. Don’t worry, I’ll stop it here. For now. 😀