​Reach out to me
And I shall fill you
With delight.

Your every breath
That is worthwhile
Is me.

As you spend 
More time with me,
I become yours.

And never will I
be separated
from you.

You and I,
We can conquer this world
With all we’ve got.

Take me in, with all your desire
With expectations high
Of pleasure.

I rush inside you,
Giving you warmth,
And much more.

With one kiss,
You and I,
Have become one.

And the world
Is far, far away
Until I’m here with you.

When you need 
A consoling soul,
I will be there for you.

Every moment, every day,
I will make you come to me,
To beg, to strive.

And I’ll fill your soul,
Your heart,
And your empty day.

And you shall kneel,
And pray, and toil,
To get all that you want.

And even when you toss
Me away,
I will rule you.

And you will keep
Coming back for me,
Without regret.

And you will be
Only with me,
Until the end.

And your last breath,
Shall be 
All mine.

Even when you’re gone,
I’ll still be there,
For you.

But now,
Let me fill your lungs,
’cause I love you.