Days of old


Here are a few old pictures of me with my friends from college.

I remember taking this pic. I wanted to capture their reflections in the water as well, and so I did it. This is one of my good snaps, I could say (though I suck at photography).



These were taken when only five of us went to the Velankanni beach. It was exciting, but there’re others which were more exciting, but sadly, I can’t post them for you because I don’t think it’s a good thing to post someone’s photo without their permission.

copyrighted photo

 © copyrighted photo.

These were taken at the Tharangambaadi beach, on the day when we had our last outing together after college. Now, those carefree days have become things of the past, for, we have parted ways. Some of us are working at different places, moving out of town in search of jobs, some still stay in the same place. But once in a while, we all meet, and that’s when we become children again.

Note: Please do not download the pictures shared on this page. 

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