Help me


This is because one of my other neighbors, Ms.A was worrying about her father today; being old, he had told her that he’d collapse any day; her lament had fuelled today’s poetry.

Help me
Understand the cruel ways
That the world runs upon;
Help me
Overcome my worst fears,
Help me wipe my tears,
Help me
See everything in silence
And to not run away;
Help me
Face all that I have to,
While I turn into a stone
Without emotions,
Numbing my brain,
Freezing my thoughts in place;
Rescue me
From this pain, this sorrow
From the icy cold stabs
Running deep inside;
Leave me not
To suffer alone in the dark,
To fend for myself;
Lend me some love,
Some care,
And tell me you’re always there.

Screaming it out


This post is written for Mr.K of my neighbouring apartment – after his daughter narrated me a scene from their everyday story. She tells me everything, and I know the K family pretty well.

Every single day
That I see you adjust
For something less
Than you deserve,
Every time
I see you compromise
To something
Without hesitation,
Every moment
That I see
When you go away nonchalantly
Blaming it on fate,
When all this time,
I had been waiting
At your disposal,
I had been waiting to help,
To be utilized,
To be asked a favour;
Each time I know
That you don’t get what you want
Your apathy,
Your silence,
Your evenness
Offers me grief;
If it was possible
To scream
At the top of my voice
As my heart gets torn
Into pieces,
If I could bear the pain,
If I had the strength
To get the shrill cry
Out of my insides,
If I could
With one last deafening cry
Shatter this earth
Into dust,
Taking out all of the pain
And guilt
From inside me,
Then I would.

My special plant


​All I can do now

Is to wish

And wish again

And again

In vain

To find you,

To get you back;

For you

To be mine again

Is something

I would prioritize

Above all other mundanity.

But alas,

You’re now gone.

For, you

Were the only living thing

I could call mine;

You were the silent listener,

The smallest thing


The cutest

That I could own.

You managed to survive

Even when I didn’t feed you

You shed some leaves

And then grew some.

You never were a pain

You never made me frown;

And for all that you have done,

I have, in return

Forgotten you,

Treated you like you never existed,

And have let them take you

To the wolves,

To the ice and cold,

To the wilderness,

Wherever they may,

In the worst case,

Uproot you

And leave

To decay.

Whatever I may do now,

I know

I will never get you back;

Dear one,

I’m sorry I hadn’t cared.

I’m sorry I let them get to you.

But always remember,

You were always,

And will always remain

My special little plant.



​I wish I had a safe haven

More like a forest

Forbidden to humans 

But just a dog

Or a ladybug

Or simply a stuffed toy

And my guitar;

Where I can escape to

Every time I’m down

To express my grief

To the trees

That listen to my melancholy songs;

Where it never hurts

Where you never feel left out

Where it’s always silent

Where I can be my own self

Where water trickling

From the spring nearby

Can be heard

In the intervals that I stop

Playing my guitar.

Where birds console me

With their songs

And wipe away

All my grief and guilt

Where I can be away

From all the words

In the human world

That people utter

That make me want to


Into this forest

Where I can get 

All the sunshine I need, 

And grow

To know

No greed

Nor sorrow.

And they wanted peace


​The bells chimed loud and clear

From within the majestic temple;

A variety of drums blared in sync

From the speaker tied above.

People hurried around the place,

Searching for peace,

Chanting prayers as they went,

Vermilion between black brows,

Making wishes that might never come true.

A variety of drums blared in sync

From the speaker tied above.

And to the same pole that held the speaker,

Was tied a goat.

The music was all drums,

And was way too upbeat

For people searching for peace.

And little did the goat know

Of its impending fate.

And they said they wanted peace.

That day was ‘pradosham’, and my colleague said we could go to the nearest temple that day during the evening break. And we went. While entering the temple, I heard the loud music and saw the poor goat. I do not know for sure what it’s fate had been, but the possibility shook me. And that incident is what inspired this poem.

Still beautiful..


​Her eyelashes shimmered, covered with mascara as they were..

Her fathomless eyes were the ocean that held all the happiness one can ever get..

Shiny locks of her delicate hair fluttered over her forehead..

Her lip-gloss covered lips were what formed a gracious smile..

Her angelic white gown draped her so magnificently..

Her strong physique and confident facade were just a supplement to her immense beauty.. 

She was nothing but perfection — even with a broken hand.
I’m in a situation similar to the girl in the poem(although not as beautiful). Which is why this kind of poem struck my mind. 😀 

Here’s a look at my hand, by the way 😛 

Still waiting..


I stood, waiting..
Hoping you’d come to me,
I stood, waiting ..
Thinking you’d remember me,
I stood, waiting..
Guessing you’d pass by me,
I stood, waiting..
Reckoning you’d throw a glance at me,

I stood, waiting..
As you crossed me,
I stood, waiting..
Longing for you to look back at me,
I stood, waiting..
Yearning for you to run back towards me,
I stood, waiting..
Dreaming that your closest friend is still me,
I stood, waiting..

-This was just random- Not my life –

I haven’t written about my guitar!


I figured I’d have a ton of blog posts titled “Hello again!” and so I titled this differently. Man, my blog needs more attention from me.

Anyway.. I’m living a great life here in Chennai, with wonderful roommates and a good job that satisfies my expenses. And I’ve started learning to play the guitar since February.

I’m thinking I should learn to drive and to swim too, and even skating or yoga if possible, but me learning any of these is up to fate. I might not have the time, since I have to work too.

My friends actually gifted me this guitar.. three of them.


I know! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? They gave me this when I really really really wanted one. I wanted to become a guitarist.. and now I can. B-)

Software professional? That might be me!


It has been almost a month and a half since I’ve visited my lovely little blog. I had really missed blogging, now that I come to think of it. It had been a really busy month, what with the training going on. And finally, one day, it came to an end. That was two days ago.

Until then, I had timings from 8am in the morning to 5.30pm in the evening. And we always had to book an extra slot and stay until 7.30 pm because there would be lots of things left incomplete. I’d come back to the hostel by 8pm everyday, have some fun talk with my roommates and then go to sleep. This was what life was life on the weekdays. And in the weekends, although they were holidays, I used to go on Saturdays because there would be things left to do.

On Sundays, we would either go out somewhere and have the time of our lives, or sleep in and forget the world exists. Most of the time, we’d go shopping, whenever we go out.

And I had gone home twice until now. The first time, I surprised my parents by doing so because I had told them that I wouldn’t be coming that weekend. And the second time was two days ago. I had a great time with my friends, mum and dad this weekend. As my training was over on Friday, today I was asked to report at a place where I’ll be told where I need to go or something like that.

But we waited for long, then the people who’re supposed to tell us our locations and are supposed to map us to some project came in and said that we were a very huge batch, and they needed time to map us. They asked us to come at 11 tomorrow, and they said that it’ll be done then.

So there was nothing much to do except come back. I’m back to my hostel early, all alone, and there’s nothing much to do and so I got reminded of the wonderful blog that I have.

My friends have planned to go to the beach today evening, I suppose. And I was supposed to eat lunch, take a nap and tag along. Alrighty, I might as well go and have lunch. Have a great day, guys!