Akila Krishnamurthy

Bio: I try writing poetry, and sometimes much more than that; I find peace when I'm either alone in a silent place or with my guitar; Beginning to like Linkin Park very much; Phoebe Buffay from 'friends' is my inspiration, after which I started learning guitar, because if she can play that in front of those many people, so can I. I'm trying a bit of bodybuilding, and want to try new stuff with my hair, like colour-highlights and stuff. I've been a very keep-it-to-myself kinda person, but inside, I crave to find someone trustworthy enough to disclose my fears, my weaknesses, and all my thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi sister! I am a school student.Your writings gave me a lot of information,with which I have got 1st place in my essay writing competition.i am really thankful to you.


    1. I don’t believe I have shared writing tips here, Brindha, although it was nice of you to drop by.
      I still don’t get what ‘information’ my writings could have possibly provided you for being able to write an award-winning essay, for, they’re full of typos and errors… perhaps you’re at the wrong place?
      Check out other similar sites… maybe there’s a typo somewhere in the URL. 🙂


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