Being adamant
All the way,
Never coming down
To listen to opinions,
Incapable of extinguishing
This ego
Once and for all,
Not willing to put up a fight,
And yet
Not wanting to compromise;
Being an emotionless stone,
Void of passion
Or hue,
Being that person
Sitting on the top
Of a cold mountain,
As if life
Was meant to be
With a constant commotion
In the back of my mind,
An urge to run
Far, far away;
Like looking for a needle
In a haystack,
I know I will never find
True happiness.


Illusional hope


Whenever there’s this spark,
Whenever there’s this sliver
Of light,
Whenever I’m lost
In this illusion
Of happiness,
Whenever I’m away
From reality’s scorching beams,
Into a world of dreams,
One of happiness,
I try to hold on,
So as to not fall off,
Into the trench meant for me
And become frozen
And then again, burnt
In place;
Whenever I see
A slim opportunity
Of a beautiful destiny,
I try to climb on,
I try to hold on
And rejoice
In the land of dreams
Like it was meant for me to be.