Tell me your tale


Tell me your most horrendous tale,

Dear one,

Tell me how you shivered

When you saw your worst fear come true,

How you trembled

When you were trapped alone with it,

Tell me how you conquered it,

Tell me how you suppressed

Your anxiety

And overcame that feeling

Of utter dread;

Tell me how you escaped

Your impending doom,

And changed your destiny

To stand where you are now;

Tell me your worst story, dearest,

Let me know how you have explored

Every dark corner of your mind

And have come back alive

To tell me

That incredible tale.

4 thoughts on “Tell me your tale

  1. I guess for me it was when I drowned. I was on a rafting trip in a flood swollen river when some of us tipped out in one of the rapids. At first I stayed calm and curled up like they said. I had a wet suit and a life jacket on so I was sure I would surface without any problem. I started to run out of breath and had not surfaced, I was being tumbled around and didn’t know which way was up, still not surfacing so I panicked and fought to get to the surface all to no avail. I realized my time was up and relaxed waiting for the angles to take me to heaven. Then someone grabbed me and pulled me back to the surface and back to life. I am not afraid of death any more and have come close 7 times in total. I guess the Lord wants me here after all even of nobody else does.

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