Make it go away


Please take this pain away,

For, it’s killing me

To be away

From love that I could never get,

To be away

From the care I’ve always dreamed to have

Please make this pain

Go away,

Or please make it numb

So I could sit all day

Not feeling this anymore

As tears turn into plain water,

As all the sorrow

Is buried in a shell,

And thrown out of sight;

Please take me someplace

Where all this pain vanishes –

Take me to a place

Where I can forget

All this hurt, all this coldness,

Where I can shed my ego

And wander about

With a transparent soul,

One that reflects purity

And happiness,

As all the dark clouds looming around

Have gone.

கடலின் அடியில்


பிற்காலத்தில் கிடைக்கப் போகும் அல்லது இவ்வுலகிலேயே இல்லாத ஒரு நண்பரை எண்ணிக் கொண்டு பாடியது:

எனக்கென்று முளைத்த அரியதோர் நட்பாக இருப்பாயா?

என் வேதனைகளை தான் புரிந்து கொள்வாயா?

நான் சொல்லாமலே

என் மனதில் உள்ளவற்றை எனது கண்களினால் தெரிந்து கொள்வாயா?


நான் செல்லும் இடமெல்லாம்

நிழலைப் போல் தொடர்வாயா?

என்னை தேடி வருவாயா?

அல்லது நிதியைப் போல்

ஓடிக்கொண்டே இருப்பாயா?

நட்பு பூண்டவாறு என்னை

வெள்ளத்திலே தள்ளிக்கொண்டு

கடலிலே சேர்ப்பித்து

நான் கண்களை மூடிய பிறகு

இருளில் மூழ்கிக் தவிக்கவிட்டு

அமைதி சூழ்ந்த கடலின் நடுவே

என்னை அடக்கம் செய்தாற்போல்

கண்டுகொள்ளாமல் சென்றுவிடுவாயா.. என்னை உண்மையிலே கொன்று விடுவாயா..



Being unworthy

Of friendship,

Letting go of those

That had shown mercy


During times of difficulty;

Letting go of those

Who were once everything,

Whose simple existence,

Senseless everyday banter, abyss-deep care

Freed all demons

That occupied the mind;

Undeserving of all the care received thus far,

Incapable of love,

Inefficient in understanding

What it means

To have a friend in life,

Unworthy of attention –

As light is shed upon this,

And as everyone leaves

One by one,

The demons come back

This time, even stronger

To corrupt the newly emptied mind.

Tell me your tale


Tell me your most horrendous tale,

Dear one,

Tell me how you shivered

When you saw your worst fear come true,

How you trembled

When you were trapped alone with it,

Tell me how you conquered it,

Tell me how you suppressed

Your anxiety

And overcame that feeling

Of utter dread;

Tell me how you escaped

Your impending doom,

And changed your destiny

To stand where you are now;

Tell me your worst story, dearest,

Let me know how you have explored

Every dark corner of your mind

And have come back alive

To tell me

That incredible tale.

Take me home


Take me to a place

Where I can find myself,

Cherish every moment,

Where I’m closer to mother nature;

Take me to a place

Where I can cry out loud,

Where I can run and play,

And laugh away my sorrows;

Take me to a place

Where I can get away

From all the responsibilities

Of this mortal world,

Where there’re no judgemental opinions,

Where liberty finds me;

Take me to a place 

Where I can live in peace,

And have someone who cares for me –

Please take me home.

Friendship Day


A poem written from the perspective of someone I know:

It’s just another day

Craving for one

To recognise

The pricks of those ruthless thorns,

To understand

Each day spent in agony,

To heal

Every aching wound,

To forget

All the hatred, the ego,

And to forgive and to forget;


To be one’s own friend,

To be there for oneself –

It’s ‘friendship day’, they say,

Having not many friends,

Running away from the very few left,

Into an empty place

Without barricades,

To a place

Where there’s no one to call ‘friend’,

Wondering why

There are still a few left

Why they refuse to extricate themselves

From the circle

Of an unwanted person,

With a screwed-up mind,

From a meaningless bond –

They’ve been shown

Not to meddle anymore

Into any affairs with this ‘friend’

Because friendship is not what you’ll get;

Feeling sorry for befriending so many,

Wiping away from the mind

All the memories made,

And running away,

Far, far away,

Is the only way

To celebrate this friendship day.



Here’s a poem that I wrote for my neighbour Mrs.K, overhearing a phone conversation with her daughter:
All I’ve ever wanted

In life

Was to have a home I could go back to –

Cozy and warm,

Where there is no pretense,

Where I can be

My true monstrous self,

Where I can find

Comfort, happiness, peace

And love,

Despite all the hatred that I manage to dump

Upon innocent people;

All I ever wanted 

In life

Is to have one person

Who would care for me

Despite all my flaws,

Who knows me, understands me, 

All my insane thoughts and percepts,

Loves me unconditionally;

And now,

As that one person

Pleads with all her might,

For me to come back,

Yearning for another day with me,

Having a heart made of stone, I deny;

I have everything I’ve ever wanted

And yet nothing.

And as I deny, she pleads even more,

And in every little unhearable beat 

Of my heart,

As every little droplet of blood

Is being pumped out,

One can hear the happiness,

The gratefulness,

Ocean-deep sorrow,

The hurt, the pain,

True love,

The anger, lonesomeness;

Swaying with the rhythm

Of a long-forgotten, woeful song

Sometimes, like the tumultuous waves of the open sea,

My bloodstream rises and falls,

Constricted to the walls of tiny veins,

Unable to rupture and flow free;

And that pressure was able to show me –

I wanna come home, mother,

I really do.