By yourself


Spend more time with yourself,

Visit new places,

Get to know new things,

Read new books,

Play your guitar,

Cycle in the mornings,

Work out,

Watch the sun rise,

Work, shop, dance, write,

But don’t ever expect

Another person to join,

Because the expectation

Is what makes you feel



Who’s there?


My ears strained

And strained

To hear a voice – any voice,

One of reassurance,

One of love,

One of excitement,

One of promises,

One that would take me away,

Over the hills,

The seas,

The horizon,

Where the sun meets the earth,

But never really does

Where I am drenched

In a world of bliss,

Where this minute is eternity.

I called out loud,

To see if any voice would reply,

But alas, there was no response –

There was no one.