​Death comes

Like waves from the depths of the ocean,

The lively, endless tides,

Urging to take you along;

Like an enormous eagle

Flying round and round

Over its prey

Spying, plotting

Before tearing it apart;

Death is,

Unexpected, but firm,


Like the noose

Tightening one’s throat

Till the breath stops;

Like a letter that is written,

Addressed to you –

Beckoning you forward;

Death, my friend

Is the only thing

That humbles arrogance,

Tames adamancy,

Calms anger,

Heals all pain,

As a mask of serenity envelops you,

And bees come to feast

Slowly, followed by ants,

And a few other insects

Until vultures set their eyes

On your rotting carcass.


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