An unsatisfactory weekend


As the sun goes down,


Darkening the hue

Of the lively canvas

That we wonder at everyday,

As birds reach their nests,

Check on their eggs,

And get into a peaceful slumber,

As the brightness of the sun

Dims down,

Paving way for the stars 

To shine their innocent light

Onto earth,

And the dark takes over,

Where the moon shines happily,

I stand in the shadows,

And pray for the sun

Not to be gone;

I pray and pray and pray,

But alas,

The sun is long gone –

The prayers were never heard;

And the next morning,

The sun shall rise

On the first day of the next week,

Even if there’s any unfinished business

Or if the weekend

Hasn’t been satisfactory –

The sun never does care.


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