Best friends


Best friends, they call themselves –

All of the same feather;

Delving deep

Into the bottom

Of the insides

Where happiness lingers,

Care blossoms,

And pain vanishes,

Planting lies

Into the soil

Of trust.

Life is full of smiles,

Love, care, hope.

Life is a celebration,

With the like-mindedness

Of people around.

Until one point, when

The truth is finally let out

In the open

To let know

That the most sacred place

Within the heart

Has been tainted

With betrayal,

With the untold truth;

The way things turned out

That has damaged

The capacity

To trust any person

Ever again.




​And as the day

Comes to an end,

As millions of eyes

Fall asleep,

As the skies 

Turn black

As the time

Comes to a halt,

As the candles

Are lit,

And the world

Prepares itself

For another night

Of darkness,

Here I am

Falling deep

Into an abyss,

Of silent torment

As this migraine

Disrupts my daily routine.



An attire that could classify as rags,

Stained, torn, and faded,

His gut clenched,

Nervous, weak hands,

Begging every passenger

For any left-over food,

Or money,

With no power to move forward,

He still went on,


With a uniform pace,


To survive the night,

To escape the clutches

Of this insatiable hunger,

To accumulate a few calories

For another round

Of the same routine.

Another day at Office


​Another day

As the sun

Showers the earth

With scorching rays

Another day

As the ACs are turned on

That keep running

On and on

As if forever.

Another day

At the office

Where nothing interesting

Can be done

Another day

That has passed

Without being able

To visit home.

Another day, just another day

That is almost like Doomsday

And yearn as I may

For another Sunday,

I will always know

That there’s someone in this world

Who’s having a much worse day

And that I’m blessed to have today.