Being happy


Know that

If I don’t post for a long while

It means

That I’m happy

And content with my life – 

That something exciting

Is going on

And I have stoppd dwelling

In sadistic thoughts.

Know that I have come again

Just to remind this website

That I’m not yet dead,

And that I’m the happiest

In the whole world.

Know that I have a resolution

For this year

To make myself

The happiest.




Just another random poem without much meaning.

Realisation hit

Like a storm upon the tranquil sea

Teaching me reality

And un-teaching

Whatever has been wrongly perceived

To see

What could not be seen

All these days, in the fog,

Murky, dusty, mist

That hung around 

Until the last day

When the sun shone bright

And brought upon earth

A new shade of light,

That brilliantly revealed 

How everyone looked at things


Than I ever have.

Are women safe?


Whenever an Indian woman

Looks at her watch

And cancels her night plans,

Those men should feel ashamed

And tormented

Every single time,

Until they die.

When they have become brutes

And are no longer men,

Why does the world

Still need them?

And the onlookers who watch, timidly

Instead of preventing this cruelty

From unfolding,

They are not needed in this world, either.

May the tsunami take all of them.

Let us all not be like the onlookers who did nothing as women were molested openly on new year’s night. I was out that day, too. Just because it happened in a different city does not mean my city or any other city, for that matter, is safe. Women like celebration just as much as men. We deserve happiness, too.

Let us all stand together to create a safer environment.



Penny by penny I saved

And then lost some.

I saved a little more,

Even when I was tempted not to.

I spent some more,

Saved some more,

And in the end,

A well-wisher friend called me ‘lavish’

And made me save so well

That after a year from now,

I’ll have a decent amount 

Saved in the bank.

If only my friend hadn’t insisted,

I would never have been

Able to do this.



​A cozy place to live –

A small house

With a garden

Of beautiful plants;

A bird-bath in the midst,

And a bowl to hold grains –

Snacks for birds on-the-go.

A lovely basin filled with fresh water

And another on the other side with food

Outside the main gates

For cows, stray dogs and cats

To eat and drink in peace;

Walls of the house

Painted personally

By the hand,

Pictures drawn here and there,

Reflecting old memories;

Photos hanging everywhere,

Each portraying

Moments from the past –

Memories lined with love,

A reminder of how

Life was once a celebration.

A faithful dog 

That can silently listen

To all complaints

And rejoice

In every joy brought home;

Lined up on the walls –

Guitars of every size and hue;

A dedicated shelf in the corner

That makes a tiny library;

A christmas tree grown inside

Decorated in a splendid manner

On every year’s December;

A thick-wheeled bicycle

Parked outside

To ride on every morning;

A warm bed and a quilt to spread on,

Is the kind of future 

That is often dreamed about.

— I’ll try to make my home like this in the future —