Still late



Fingers danced furiously on the keyboard,

Typing sloppy spellings,

Then going back and correcting them;

Blood pulsed through the veins vigorously,

Adrenaline flowing

Like the unstoppable tides

Of the deep, wide ocean;

And on completion,

The legs ran

As if, ignited by fire,

With the swiftness of a Cheetah,

But still,

It was not enough.

It was never enough – 

To be on time.



Left alone in my office because they close the gates by 8.45. And I was only 5 minutes late. Now they will not allow me out unless I go by an office cab from here. And cabs are available only after 9.30, so… I’m stuck here for another hour or so.. for finishing work late. -.- How I hate this! Usually I’m not alone because I had teammates before, but today I am – because I’m the only one in this team now.


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