A single word

An unwelcome gesture

A simple sneer

Or an angry tone

Is enough

To shun the lights

Out of my day,

Make it a lonely night,

Where I reside

In the darkness

Without the slightest fear

But in comfort –

Where there is no one

To mock

Or to hate.

It has become 

Extraordinarily tough these days

To put up

Even with the silliest

Of comments.

All I need, right now,

Is to go far, far away –

Someplace where no one

Knows me.



  1. Darryl Walker Jr · October 21, 2016


    I have been feeling this way as of late, as well. My self-esteem has taken a major loss with the circumstances in my life – so I am constantly feeling that low stakes situations are the final straw. Sometimes I want to go away for a long time..

    Try to stay strong my friend! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Akila Krishnamurthy · October 21, 2016

      thank you 🙂 you have been very kind to me.. I wish I could go to Europe for a trip.. It has been my dream since long..

      Liked by 1 person

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