The space


​Have no one

Enter the space

Upon reaching where

Can make you swing and sway

To their wishes

Or even close enough

For you

To do all that you can

For them

Because, in the end,

There’s nothing such as 

An unbreakable friendship

Because, in the end,

People leave – 

Most of them.

All of them – that had once been

In the space

That you let them enter;

Some, who have not

Seen the insides of the space

Don’t leave,

Because there’s no reason to.

They have not seen the gruesome state

Nor did they come across

The nails inside

That prick their toes,

Sending them out

In a frenzy,

Away from where they belong,

Away from everything

That once seemed nice.

The more comfortable it feels

With someone,

The more it hurts,

Because, in the end,

They’re the only ones

Who were ever allowed

To enter the space

And yet, never knew

A thing

About how much they mean,

How much they will always be special,

How much their absence is felt

How much effort was taken to make the space cozy enough

To make them stay

To understand,

To love,

To care;

Never in forever will they know

How much they had meant

But, their footsteps will stay, littered all over

Until the space

Ceases to be.

But now, it is time

To set them free.

They were not meant to be

In this cruel prison

Lined with grime and dirt.


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