One word


​One word

Is all it takes

To shatter the glass

And throw the shards

To the hungry beast

With three eyes

Burning with jealousy

And one tongue

Of sharp steel

Like that of a sword

Cutting your speech

Into two.

Speechless, you try

And try

To let it go,

But it won’t,

Because it has never 

Really left;

It stays with you,

Like a large hole in the depths

Of the heart

That pumps purple blood;

And you will never 

Be loved 

By any person

Because they know

That you’re nothing

But a broken piece of glass

Waiting to be glued together

Into an imperfect vase

That it had not, even once, been.

Another word

Shatters it again –

Glued or not,

It can never again

be fixed.


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