​WhatsApp statuses

Are what 

Reflect one’s mood these days –

The status remains happy

The photo is one of happiness,

Everything states 

That the soul is content –

The lips smile,

And kind words flow..

But not the eyes,

For they don’t twinkle anymore.

They don’t have the spark

That usually appears

When doing something exciting.

The face has become a mask

That tries to show the world

What the world likes to see.

The adrenaline doesn’t seem to flow

Now that there’s nothing to be done

Or seen or heard

For, nothing really matters

To the world;

They will never know

What has been endured, all these days,

Because this deceptive smile

Is enough

To fool them into thinking

That life is even better

Than they always thought it was

Because, otherwise,

The chaos and dirt is all revealed,

In broad daylight,

Where people scrunch their noses up

And walk on

As their stilettos step on

Roads of shiny glass

Turning their heads away

From anything unpleasant;

Away.. content with this little tray

Of lies.

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