​Never let someone

Do something

For your benefit

Because, as time flies,

You have to remain grateful

And abide by their opinions

Just because

You feel like

You owe them.

Never take anything

From someone

When you’re in need

Adjust with what

You already have

In your safe.

Because, sometimes

When you owe them,

It feels desperate.

Never let anyone else pay

When your wallet 

Is with you.


Because, people owing you money

Is always better,

Than you owing them.

Never ask anyone

For any help

Of any sort.

Because, at the end,

There will be no one to do your work,

But you.

Never let anyone

Ridicule you, or sarcastically comment

Even as a friend

Because, you, as a person

Have a self-esteem 

That rockets to the sky.

Never let anyone

Get close to you

Till the inner depths of the heart

Because, in the end,

Everyone disappoints,

And disappears.

Never let anyone

Console you

Even when you’re desperate.

Because that shows

You’re weak

And not what you seem to be.

Though you look like

An entirely different person,

That’s acceptable.

Reveal your true self

Only to the few trusted ones,

Or maybe not.

Because even they,

In the end 

Will vanish, you will see.

Because life gives people

Many other people 

To think about.

And you will never be

The center of attention

For anyone.

Some days,

You will never be missed,

Cared, or loved.

Some days are different,

When people flow in

And shower their love.

And when no one dares to trudge inside

The ever-turbulent, constantly wavering tide

Of the heart, after dark

Do you get to know

The true façade of


Because, you see,

You should never let people

Do what you were supposed to do.

People will sometimes

Never even pretend

To care.

Because, you are independent

Have always been,

And that’s exactly what is expected of you.


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