No one


​There’s no one left,

Nothing at all;

Not one 

To encourage, to care, to love.

Here, standing

In the shade of the void,

At the edge of salvation..

In the long term of life,

Many had helped,

In times of need,

Gratefulness remains

Until the last breath –

To those who had helped

Heal physical scars;

As for the invisible ones,

They may never heal,


In this ocean-deep sorrow

That drenches mountains together

They do not disappear

With a flick of the finger.

As days pass,

The torment only grows,


There is nothing in this world

That can cure

Like a selfless, loving heart;

One which is rarest to find

In this world

Where humans take advantage

Of everything

That tries to stay kind

And does not harm.

In a world where no one

Feels the pain 

Of a friend;

Where, on public opinion,

Being able to insult someone

Is the best that friendship can offer.


Being there,

Trying to be kind to them

Is something that’s 

Out of fashion.

And still acting,

Like best pals, friends of old,

Forgetting the past

Where opinions had not been important,

One may never even foresee

The future

That brazenly lies

Before their eyes.

It will never be easy

Mingling with people

Who pinpoint, judge and ridicule

Your every move,

And yet,

Call you a friend.


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