Someone to care


​As thunder struck by my windowsill,

I looked through the window,

And wondered where you are.

Droplets touched the earth below

In a hectic frenzy

Probably searching for you.

The lightning was bright and tall,

Frequently disturbing the black

Looking in the dark for you.

The storm lasted the whole night

Waves of the sea thrashing on the shore,

Desperately for you.

The rain finally receded,

Thinking, it might, with its cold raindrops,

Drench you.

A dull sun came up next morning,

As it mourned, for you

Hiding behind the clouds.

But none of them know the truth

But I; that you’re otherworldly,

You don’t exist.

Still, a tiny flame of hope 

Lights my dark heart

An irrational one, for sure.

That I can reach the sky,

Touch the clouds,

And find you.

What others have failed,

I will do.

I will finally find you.

What is a figment of my imagination

Will one day be true,

That’s when this emptiness ends.


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