My Adenium plant


I have gotten this plant last weekend. It feels like I have something of my own after bringing this to the hostel. I kept it in the terrace, because it needs much sunlight – it’s a tropical plant. It grows like a bonsai, but much taller. Its flowers bloom in the spring – called the desert rose- have to wait for it. Not even sure if mine will flower, but Chennai is quite  a tropical area. 😀 But it dies when the temperature goes down, so I have to be careful in the winter. Although I was excited while bringing it, I’m forgetting to water it everyday. But since this plant makes me feel like I have something for myself – a living being that is ALL mine, it feels happy.


Deserted Ocean


I try harder,

Swimming in this ocean

Trying to find something;

But there’s nothing.

I look for shiny pearls,

For the cranky seashells that contain them,

For the jellyfish that sting,

For the fishes, large and tiny

For eels, for whales,

Royal-looking Stingrays,

Or the brainy octopuses,

Even phytoplanktons –

Come what may.

But nothing.

Becoming dinner this evening,

For a bunch of hungry sharks

Does sound much better

Than swimming deeper and deeper

Into this deserted ocean

All alone.

As I go further,

The light recedes,

And a never-ending blue

Is laid out

In front of me.. to explore.

And yet, 

There’s no one down here

To say it’s okay,

To say ‘you’re  not alone’,

To brighten my day.

Because, deep down here,

Into the depths of the heart,

Loneliness is all there is.

And loneliness is all there will ever be.

This emptiness


​In this emptiness,

That has developed

A crack

In the window

Of my soul,

I seek

To tame

The beast inside,

As my mind

Searches the one thing

That keeps me sane

In this sea

Of chaos,

Of uncertainty,

Of all the unloved days,

Looking for a flicker

Of light, or of hope

In the dark

Of my heart

As memories fade,

And times change

People fall in and out

Of the velvety place

Of the heart

Where they have stayed

And during this period

Of emptiness,

They’ve all treaded out

With heavy shoes

Causing pain

And have not returned;

And in this emptiness,

I shall strive

To find myself,

Save myself,

While this void extends 

To the end

Of the horizon,

Where the molten lava

Eats up my fears


Where there is salvation,

Where my heart 

Becomes pure,

Where I can forget

All sorrows

And drown

Into the fiery liquid

That consumes me entirely;

When I can finally

Be at peace.

Someone to care


​As thunder struck by my windowsill,

I looked through the window,

And wondered where you are.

Droplets touched the earth below

In a hectic frenzy

Probably searching for you.

The lightning was bright and tall,

Frequently disturbing the black

Looking in the dark for you.

The storm lasted the whole night

Waves of the sea thrashing on the shore,

Desperately for you.

The rain finally receded,

Thinking, it might, with its cold raindrops,

Drench you.

A dull sun came up next morning,

As it mourned, for you

Hiding behind the clouds.

But none of them know the truth

But I; that you’re otherworldly,

You don’t exist.

Still, a tiny flame of hope 

Lights my dark heart

An irrational one, for sure.

That I can reach the sky,

Touch the clouds,

And find you.

What others have failed,

I will do.

I will finally find you.

What is a figment of my imagination

Will one day be true,

That’s when this emptiness ends.