​I wish I had a safe haven

More like a forest

Forbidden to humans 

But just a dog

Or a ladybug

Or simply a stuffed toy

And my guitar;

Where I can escape to

Every time I’m down

To express my grief

To the trees

That listen to my melancholy songs;

Where it never hurts

Where you never feel left out

Where it’s always silent

Where I can be my own self

Where water trickling

From the spring nearby

Can be heard

In the intervals that I stop

Playing my guitar.

Where birds console me

With their songs

And wipe away

All my grief and guilt

Where I can be away

From all the words

In the human world

That people utter

That make me want to


Into this forest

Where I can get 

All the sunshine I need, 

And grow

To know

No greed

Nor sorrow.