Last time I was near the clouds


The last time I traveled in a flight(it was in December 2015, while I was traveling from Hyderabad to Chennai with my colleagues), I could see a whole area on earth from above from the window. I found those pics in my mobile, and wanted to share it with you guys.. simply.

Actually, I had not gotten a window seat, but the man who did was kind enough to ask if I needed it. I told him I’d sit if he wasn’t really interested. And lo, I was by the window!

I was very excited that day. It was wonderful, looking at all those tiny lights from above. It was like looking from the viewpoint of the gods above; looking at the little things on earth and thinking : how did this flight get this high? How clever must those tiny humans be, to have invented this flying machine?

Awed by everything, I started taking photos. The guy who offered me the seat probably thought I was crazy and probably thought of never offering his seat to others again. But I didn’t care. I wanted a few pictures of what I was seeing right then. I wanted people to see what I was seeing. I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. But then I didn’t.. I did keep it as my WhatsApp profile picture for a good few days, but that was because I did not know what picture to keep.

Now that I saw this pic in my mobile again, I thought I’ll share it with the folks who read my blog (although I’m sure there won’t be many).

Here they are!




Awe-inspiring, isn’t it?

Now this is one less thing I’ve to do in life: travel in a night flight by the window and look at the earth below.

Still, I have many more things to do on my bucketlist. *sigh* Okies, that’s really it for tonight. Seeya guys later! 🙂

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