My inner demons


Warning: the poem is dark.

I ran in the darkness, not knowing where I was going
My feet were bleeding; it was the work of thorns and sharp stones
I still ran, because I felt I should
Else, something was going to eat me alive.

I ran amidst trees that waved their huge branches about like crazy
In an attempt to catch me
I ran as the wind beat against my face, slapping my cheeks
As though punishing for all my crimes.

I ran, as the moon refused to come to my rescue
Without even an ounce of moonlight.
I ran, as the cries from behind became louder
And were now closing in on me.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me
Never giving up;
I ran… without knowing.. that ahead of me
Were the ugliest of spirits waiting to suck my soul out

I came to a halt as I saw what was ahead of me:
Hungry spirits and pointy teeth.
They were coming for me;
My head reeled.

But before I fell,
I felt a hundred shiny black hands catch me from behind
The very ones I had been running from.
They had finally gotten me.

I could see the black, pointy nails of a hand closing in on my throat
I felt my brain give away;
And just like that,
I was falling into oblivion.

As I was falling into the bottomless hole from which I could never return,
I knew..
That although I had countless people I held dear,
There wasn’t one name I could call out to.

The truth is,
There will never be a person you can trust
Unless it’s your own self.
As I realize this, the shiny black hands leave me alone and disappear.

Last time I was near the clouds


The last time I traveled in a flight(it was in December 2015, while I was traveling from Hyderabad to Chennai with my colleagues), I could see a whole area on earth from above from the window. I found those pics in my mobile, and wanted to share it with you guys.. simply.

Actually, I had not gotten a window seat, but the man who did was kind enough to ask if I needed it. I told him I’d sit if he wasn’t really interested. And lo, I was by the window!

I was very excited that day. It was wonderful, looking at all those tiny lights from above. It was like looking from the viewpoint of the gods above; looking at the little things on earth and thinking : how did this flight get this high? How clever must those tiny humans be, to have invented this flying machine?

Awed by everything, I started taking photos. The guy who offered me the seat probably thought I was crazy and probably thought of never offering his seat to others again. But I didn’t care. I wanted a few pictures of what I was seeing right then. I wanted people to see what I was seeing. I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. But then I didn’t.. I did keep it as my WhatsApp profile picture for a good few days, but that was because I did not know what picture to keep.

Now that I saw this pic in my mobile again, I thought I’ll share it with the folks who read my blog (although I’m sure there won’t be many).

Here they are!




Awe-inspiring, isn’t it?

Now this is one less thing I’ve to do in life: travel in a night flight by the window and look at the earth below.

Still, I have many more things to do on my bucketlist. *sigh* Okies, that’s really it for tonight. Seeya guys later! 🙂

Swamimalai with dad


Hi guys.. I had been meaning to write since a while, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have much time. :/ Life has become hectic and I’m not as free as I once used to be.

I’m in Kumbakonam right now (gah, that’s where I used to live when you got a lot of blog posts from me).. I’m here because I had three holidays in a row.

I went to Swamimalai temple today with my dad. I didn’t take any pictures of the temple, but I took a photo of the street..


I realized later after seeing the photo that a guy was actually posing there. lol. Here’s another.


Although it was good going out with dad, after visiting the temple, we had to wait for an hour before the bus arrived. *hrrmph*.

Anyway, we got a bus eventually, then got some mangoes and stuff while coming home. And hey, I have clicked a few more pics on my X Play and whether they’re good or not (I’ll let you judge) and since this is my only blog (not really) I’m sharing them.



I know they’re not good, and I know that’s not at all how photos are taken, cropping most of the stuff, but you have to live with it. 😛 They’re the only ones I’ve got.

Aaaaaannndddd… that’s it for today. Good night, folks! 🙂