Hey folks! 🙂 Happy independence day to all the Indians out there. I’ve written a poem in memory of all the people who were responsible for our freedom.

It must have hurt

Enduring the cane strikes

It must have hurt

With every droplet of blood oozing out

It must have hurt

To starve and starve, and still shout slogans

It must have hurt

To have constantly thought of freedom

It must have hurt

To stay imprisoned behind those cruel bars

It must have hurt

To see fellow Indians suffer the same

It must have hurt

To stand firm and fight, while still weak

It must have hurt

To sacrifice one’s life for India’s freedom

But they did it anyway.

A big salute to all of them. Jai Hind!




Hello again, folks! It’s Friday night, and I stayed up late, facebooked, and then… wrote a poem! Here it is!

Underneath the merciless rashes,

Underneath the auburn scars,

Underneath the pointy freckles,

Underneath the mask of pain,

Is a golden heart you may fail to see.

Underneath the immature facade,

Underneath the irresponsible behavior,

Underneath the freakishly bold laughter,

Underneath the adamant resolutions,

Is an innocent child you may fail to see.

Underneath the red-hot anger,

Underneath the trembling fingers,

Underneath the sorrow, the grief,

Underneath the eyes brimming with tears,

Is love you may never quite see.



Here’s a poem I wrote today.. it’s a bit dark, but oh well!

The sky was pitch black,

The path ahead, stony and rough;

But I knew, that on the other side

Were you.

I climbed the rocky mountains,

Wiped my blood-drenched feet, shook away the thorns

And hurried despite the terror shaking me

For you.

Petrified as I was, my skin looked pale,

My hands were sweaty, and yet

There was nothing in my mind

But you.

I hurried past the wind, past the storm,

Past the spine-chilling cries from the dark,

Past the scary, barren lands

Towards you.

I searched and searched, but to no avail;

The shadows were now closing in on me, shrieking.

I must be terrified – I  was going to die – but all I felt was that I…

Lost you.

And as the devils tore me apart,

I realized that you never once were mine to begin with;

And yet, even until my last breath, I never stopped

Loving you.

Hello again, folks!


Hellooooeeee fellas,

It’s been quite a while since I blogged, and I really am missing my blog. You see, I had been a bit busy what with all the strict office schedule. I come back to my hostel everyday around 10pm when my roommates are all asleep and the lights are all turned off. :/ Since I really didn’t have the time to even get near a laptop in the weekdays, I thought I’d just give blogging a rest.

But then, the weekend’s here, and I’m home, aaaand… I’m dearly missing this blog. So, here’s just another boring blogpost from me.

Do you know how happy it feels when you buy some biscuits and feed a stray dog? Yes, I did it again, today. I have this feed-eat relationship with this doggie since a few months now and whenever I search for a dog to feed the biscuits, I always see him (or her, probably.. I didn’t notice). And today, lazy as ever, he was sleeping in front of that recharge shop like he does every other day. He’s cute, really. I like it when dogs look at me, yearning for that biscuit in my hand. Sweet little things.

Since I know that there will not be many volunteering to feed a stray dog, and since I know that a stray dog has nowhere to go, I feel happy when I feed them. I should probably do this more often. I like this doggie, by the way. We’re kinda friends, now (hopefully).

I just realized that my blogpost looks utterly childish and totally purposeless. :/

Nevertheless, I’m posting it. I don’t really care much right now. Please don’t mind the cheesy stuff in the middle.